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Voting Location: Warren Building, 90 Washington StreetTown Meeting is Wellesley’s Legislative arm of government. It consists of 240 Town Meeting Members elected by precinct. The members are elected for staggered, 3-year terms so that 10 members are elected from each precinct each year in the March annual town election. Depending on vacancies some precincts will have more members to be elected to fill the unexpired seats.Town Meeting is responsible for passing a balanced annual town budget, and enacts all town by-laws. Annual Town Meeting is held in March/April to enact the following year's budget, plus whatever other matters are placed on the Town Meeting Warrant. The Annual Town Meeting begins the last Monday of March and continues on Monday and Tuesday nights until the business is completed. Special Town Meeting may be held as needed for issues that cannot be delayed until the Annual Town Meeting.(Old Voting Location: Fiske School, 45 Hastings Street)

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  • Katherine L Babson Jr

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    Wendy S Beck Von Peccoz

  • John Frederick Erhard

  • Jeffrey S Klurfeld

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    Katherine K Macdonald

  • Thomas J Macdonald

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    Raina C Mcmanus

  • Christine E Norcross

  • Janie Penn

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    Susan E Ryan

  • Laurence D Shind

Biographical Information

What are the most important goals for Wellesley to achieve over the next five years?

Relevant Experience TMM, 50 years Select Board 9 years Town Moderator, 7 years Advisory Com member and chair
*Continued Town financial stability *Long-term strategy for housing stock diversity *Attention to commercial areas *Maintain school excellence
Relevant Experience I have served one term as a Town Meeting member
To continue working on and improving sustainability, refining zoning regulations through the Planning Board, completing school projects
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Relevant Experience Former Advisory Committee Member Town Meeting 30+ School advocacy groups
Embracing diversity and ensuring the quality of life for all residents, from school-aged children to our seniors. Adopting clean energy measures.
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Relevant Experience Natural Resources Commissioner 7 years; Town Meeting Member 6 years; Co-founder Friends of Brookside
Climate action. Stewardship of natural resources/trees. Appropriate facilities for Town staff & schools. Social justice/inclusion. Maintain civility.
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Relevant Experience Co-chair, Wellesley Democratic Town Committee, Co-President, WEF, Girl Scout Leader, Committee 21
Reinvigorate Wellesley Center, maintain excellent schools and safely bring back in-person classes, ensure sufficient affordable housing
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