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Northwest ISD Board of Trustees, Place 7

Trustees are elected to specific positions but represent their entire independent school district and have the following responsibilities mandated by State and Federal laws: select and employ the superintendent, manage public schools, establish operating policies, monitor expenses, adopt and approve a budget, and adopt employment policies. Additionally, they have the authority to set tax rates, levy and collect taxes, buy and sell property, exercise eminent domain, accept donations, charge fees, and call bond elections. Trustees elect their own officers: President or Chair, (Vice president or vice chair), Secretary and Treasurer.Please note: Extra postage in the amount of $.70 is required to return a voted absentee ballot from NWISD. See link below to Tarrant County Elections information.

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    Ron Hastings

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    Jennifer Murphy

Biographical Information

Why are you running for the school board and how does your background prepare you for this office?

How will you balance school district revenue with educational needs?

Explain how you will use your position to improve the quality of education for all students.

What, if anything, should be done to ensure that all members of your community can enjoy a healthy, sustainable and protected environment?

What are the most important issues facing your school district, and how would you address them?

Phone (817) 239-6786
Occupation Retired Educator
Education Master's plus 18 hours
Experience 30+ years in public schools - Teacher, Coach, Counselor, Asst. Principal, Assoc. Principal, Coord. of Guidance and Counseling, Dir. of Counseling and Campus Support
I have devoted the majority of my adult life to helping kids develop skills needed to be successful in life. I have held leadership roles in the military, business, and education. I spent 30+ years working with students, teachers, parents and administrators, making sure we were helping each student reach their potential.
By eliminating positions that are duplicated at the campus and central administration. No additional staff hired until we balance the budget. Look at all programs to make sure they meet the needs of the students and supports the District's Mission. Work to find partners to fill the gap in high need areas. Finally no additional taxes.
Reviewing literacy gains at elementary levels and using campus formative and District summative results, to make sure we are helping all students are meeting growth goals. By making sure we are hiring the very best teachers. By hiring the best we are making sure that the students have the best.
What a broad question when we are in the mist of a pandemic! Relying on experts scientific findings and guidance to make the right decisions for all students and community members. In addition we must support all students through this trying time. We must continue to develop the social emotional skills for all involved.
Fast growth, and lack of adequate funding from the state. Support passage of the current School Bond election, to stay up with the tremendous growth we continue to experience! The last legislature passed a bill that was going to solve the funding of schools. However one of the items they promised would be eliminated was not. That of Robin Hood. We are still being required to send over 20 million dollars to the state. I will continue to push the legislature for real school funding solutions!
Occupation Director of Foundation Relations, Texas Wesleyan
Education BA, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Educational equity for all students is something that is very important to me and what drives me to help represent this rapidly growing, changing district. Since 2016, I have worked and volunteered in various roles across the district that have prepared me to serve in a capacity that will benefit all students and families.
I believe that data and informed decision making will help with this balance. As this district continues to grow and change, attention must be paid to the wants and needs. Compromise, empathy, and transparency must be at the forefront of all decision making. Being a proactive board of trustees is essential.
Equity for all students is essential. We have to do the critical thinking and assessment needed to be proactive instead of reactive. We must look to our front line teachers and staff for the critical information that will help us lay the path for the future of quality education in an ever changing world.
We must listen to all members of the community and we must be transparent with all members of the community. It is important that as a trustee, we remain in the service of our students and we act in the best interest of our students. Our school district is ever changing and we must be open to all opinions in making informed decisions.
Pre COVID, the biggest issue was rapid growth. Growth has to be addressed in different ways including working with all municipalities where facilities are located to assess population epicenters and transportation issues. We must work with campus leaders to understand the changing needs of the students that are being served. Additionally, it is important to stay proactive in anticipating population numbers and working to ensure that facilities are adequate for the present and the future.