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Lincoln City Council Ward II Position 2

Four forms of city government determine the administrative role of any city council. Most Oregon cities with populations over 2,500 have the council/manager or council/administrator form, in which the council hires a chief executive officer to be responsible for the daily supervision of city affairs. Portland has a commission form of government, where the elected commissioners function collectively as the city council and serve as administrators of city departments. Smaller Oregon cities typically have the mayor/council form, in which the legislative and policy-making body is a popularly elected council.An elective city officer shall be a qualified elector under the state constitution and shall have resided in the city during the 12 months immediately before being elected or appointed to the office. In this subsection "city" means area inside the city limits at the time of the election or appointment. In addition, a councilor shall have resided in the ward the councilor represents during the 12 months immediately before being elected or appointed to the office.Please see City Charter.

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    Carolyn Nguyen

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    Anne Marie Skinner

Biographical Information

What kind of leadership can you bring to the City and the City Council?

What do you see as the city's major needs and goals?

How would you address the needs of the homeless in our community?

Town Where You Live Lincoln City
Your Experience/Qualificatons I’ve been employed in the private sector as an insurance adjuster for 28 years. I am responsible for managing Up to 200 case files at a time. My job requires extensive research of coverage and liability investigations. I have a proven track record of excellent customer service and conflict resolution. I am used to working on deadlines which require a timely response. I have taken on many leadership and supervisory roles and know the importance of teamwork to facilitate a good result.
County Lincoln
Term 2
I am committed to being a visible leader in the community. As I visited with many people in Ward 2 I learned that people want to see & hear from their elected Council person. An open line of communication is necessary to build relationships and trust with the people I would serve and represent. As a member of Council I am committed to being well prepared for meetings so that I can engage in respectful open minded discussion with members of Council as well as other City employees and the public.
Safety and security of our City should be a top goal. Full time residents & visitors deserve to have police and first responders that are adequately staffed & trained. Safe well maintained streets, sidewalks, parks and beach access points keep our City attractive & keep us connected to each other. Affordable workforce housing and economic opportunities are needed to keep young families in the area.
Wraparound services are needed in communities where homelessness has become an issue. That includes mental health services and substance abuse education. LC has supported the facilitation of a warming shelter when the temp drops below 40 degrees. There are many non profits and churches in the area committed to providing additional resources.
Campaign Phone (public) (971) 330-1129
Town Where You Live Lincoln City, OR
Your Experience/Qualificatons Dog park committee member Caldwell, Idaho. Assisted city in obtaining community development block grant. Staff liaison Lincoln City’s Sustainability Committee. 23-year career in land-use planning - half private sector working with city councilors, planning commissioners, county commissioners, and city/county attorneys navigating city/county ordinances. Half public sector as land-use planner for Caldwell, Idaho; Washington County, Oregon; planning director Lincoln City, Oregon.
County Lincoln County
Term Ward 2 2yr
Honesty, integrity, and a strong work ethic. Open-minded and objective. Eager to hear from and listen to all residents’ needs, concerns, and wants and objectively weigh comments in making policy decisions for the good of the community. Open and transparent. Fiscally responsible. Informative and responsive. With my planning background, I can provide unique insight and direction with helping the city in its land-use planning goals and development.
Address lack of employment and under employment by working to bring in industry or commerce that will provide living-wage jobs. Provide affordable and work-force housing. Address needs of the homeless. Improve unimproved streets with paving and sidewalks. Maintain strong, resilient, and efficient sewer and water system. Continue efforts to keep beaches and open spaces clean. Increase sustainability. Strengthen and grow local businesses. Ensure balanced budget and financial reserves.
Establishing a permanent warming shelter. Working with affordable and work-force housing groups to provide dwellings. Working with economic development to bring in more living-wage jobs to the city. Working in a cooperative effort with the county and other homeless resource groups to establish some form of homeless shelter in the county that can serve the homeless population. Researching the possibilities of forming a housing-first program, similar to what has been successfully done elsewhere.