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Orange County Soil & Water Conservation District 1

The office of a Soil and Water Conservation District Supervisor is nonpartisan and county wide. Candidates are elected in a general election to a 4-year term. Supervisors receive no monetary compensation for their services.The fundamental role for the board of supervisors is to bring together all interested and affected parties to develop and implement a plan to address natural resource concerns. Through a locally-led consensus process, priorities are determined for conservation programs. The partners work to implement programs that provide assistance to landowners, agricultural producers, and local residents. La oficina de un Supervisor del Distrito de Conservación de Tierra y Agua representa todo el condado y no es de ningun partido politico (no partidista). Los candidatos son elegidos en una elección general para un mandato de 4 años. Los supervisores no reciben ninguna compensación monetaria por sus servicios. La función fundamental de la Junta de Supervisores es reunir a todos los grupos y las personas interesadas y afectadas para desarrollar e implementar un plan relativo a los recursos naturales. A través de un proceso de consenso dirigido localmente, se determinan las prioridades para los programas de conservación. Los socios trabajan para implementar programas que brinden asistencia a los terratenientes, productores agrícolas y residentes locales.

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What in your background prepares you to coordinate many interest groups on behalf of Central Florida‘s soil & water? How will you involve the public in soil and water conservation issues?

What do you feel is the "most critical" soil and water problem that needs to be addressed?

How will you involve the public in soil and water conservation issues?

Do you see voluntary water conservation as the best way to plan for Central Florida's future drinking water needs?

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Education Apopka High School; University of Florida (Economics and Political Sciences)
Campaign Phone (407) 921-6748
Facebook Nathaniel Douglas for Soil and Water District 1
Twitter @douglasforOCSW1
I grew up in Ocoee to two hardworking first-generation Americans. The most memorable years for me were those ravaged by the great recession. My family certainly could not make it out of the great recession successfully without receiving help from our community. Community is something I will always cherish and diversity is one of our communities strongest forces. I was active at Apopka High School, becoming president of the Young Progressives, vice president of Model UN, and captain of the Debate Team. Today, I am active in various different groups, from the Sunrise Movement, DSA, to a labor coalition. I know how to work with different groups to get things done and I am someone the community can count on to be their strongest advocate.
If the United States healthcare system was a nation on its own, it would rank 13th in the world for global emissions. This is an important issue in Orange County, because our hospitals generate two and half times more energy than the average commercial building. This is having an adverse impact on our residents and our environment. Our healthcare system is responsible for 12% of acid rain, 10% of smog, and 9% of respiratory diseases from particulate matter. My plan is focused on transitioning our healthcare facilities to renewable energy, which can reduce costs and create jobs. I also have a comprehensive plan to pressure our healthcare facilities to buy from local farmers, putting healthy local foods in cafeterias, stimulating our economy.
I'm not running for soil and water to become a fresh face, I'm running to promote fresh ideas. From day one, I will use this office to organize movements that will drive long-lasting changes in Orange County. Every citizen wants a clean environment, with healthcare, transportation, and green infrastructure at the top of the list. I will organize family-friendly events and sit-ins at every level of our local government. Our federal and state governments are not going to drive the change needed to combat climate change, our communities will.
They absolutely can. Part of soil and water is help people implement these changes in their personal lives, educate the community about simple ways they can prevent runoff from entering our water supply.
Education B.S.B.A. in Marketing from University of Central Florida
Civic Positions/Experience -President of the Casselberry Chamber of Commerce - Regional Director for Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity
Campaign Website
Campaign Phone (407) 399-0879
My experience as a leader in the community and knowing how to work with others to achieve a goal prepares me to make an immediate impact once elected to Orange County Soil and Water Conservation District. I plan to involve all aspects of the public every step of the way from local government, local businesses and most importantly our citizens. I have several ideas that will build a synergy within all our county stakeholders. One of my many ideas is to involve the public by having our board to have committees. They will volunteer, and help the board execute on the future goals of the county. This will also help us train and develop others who might have an interest of running for the position so we can build on what we will start.
The most critical aspect is that the constituents do not know what the board does and local officials do not use us as a resource because the board is not dependable. The current board couldn't even hold proper meetings the last 2 years. I am going to correct this through several programs. The first is we will bridge the gap with the community through some unique programs. One will be a local high school scholarship fund and the other will be community environmental scavenger hunts. This will build a synergy amongst the board, local businesses and community stakeholders. Another way we will continue building the trust is by a local municipality liaison where each member will focus on a muncipality so we can become their local resource.
We will involve the public through several avenues. The first is we will have a public presence on different social media platforms (facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn). As we build the platforms we can actually use them to gather information as to what the public would like to see happen or view. Then we will build out our website to increase the information available for the public. We will take part in local festivals within Orange County so we are their for the public to talk to and be accessible. We will also make our meetings more accessible for the public. We will do this by changing the time, location and creating an online option through ZOOM/WEBEX. This way if you want to be involved you can.
I believe this is a great option to protect our natural resources and keep our aquifers operating at a capacity that will keep things moving in Central Florida. Their are studies from other municipalities within the country that shows this has a positive impact. This, alone, will not be enough to keep us moving forward. What also needs to happen is improved educational platforms at the local level so the orange county citizens can understand their impact. If we learned one thing in 2020, it is a small world and because of that we need to do our part. What I would propose is providing a platform to environmental scientists and other experts to have local townhalls. I would also partner with neighboring boards so we can do it as a big event.