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Pasco County Mosquito Control Seat 3

The Mosquito Control Commission is responsible for the suppression of target mosquito populations to prevent the transmission of diseases and significant annoyance.This three-member board is elected from within the district. The salary for a commissioner is $4,800.00 per year.

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    James E. Bailey

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    Shanon R. Holm

  • Gary W. "Buck" Joiner

Biographical Information

What motivated you to seek this position?

What experiences and qualifications have prepared you for this position?

What are your top two priorities if elected?

Will you support a strong policy of sustainable energy practices in local government and preparation for impacts of climate change and sea level rise?

Will you oppose state pre-emption of local government environmental protection standards?

Phone (727) 809-3038
Education River Ridge High School '12 | Pasco Hernando Community College '13 - A.S. | University of Central Florida '16 - B.A.B.A.
Professional Experience Website Developer And Business Owner Of Integrity Designs of Tampa Since 2015.
Public Service Volunteer With Various Pasco County Clean Up Efforts.
My passion to serve my local community of Pasco County which has been my home since 2001. Having become close with multiple elected officials and those who work for the county I decided I should do my part to step up and serve our county. Managing the comfort and health of our growing county
Experiences in the past and present that contribute to myself being prepared for this position are as follows: Being an elected board member of previous academic and local networking organizations. Managing my own business and all that it entails since 2015.
Of the two most important priorities to me coming into a new would be would be: Ensuring that we meet full staffing capacity for the District as we are in need of several positions that have been vacant for multiple years. As well as working with elected State officials to amend Chapter 388 of the Florida State Statutes to allow local districts select what they can spray for. Currently we can only spray for what the Florida Department of Health says poses an active health risk.
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Phone (727) 226-2054
Education Left USF (Senior Year) in 2007 to pursue a career. In June of this year I returned to USF to complete my bachelors degree. Expected to graduate in the Spring of 2021.
Professional Experience Have worked in the Public Sector for the same agency for the past 13 years, and have supervised the program for the past 5.
Public Service Former Relay for Life of New Port Richey – Assistant Logistics Chair Former 9-11 Memorial Walk/Run 5K of Gulf Harbors – Committee Member Santa Fe @ Westbrook HOA President 2019-2020
I was motivated to seek the Pasco County Mosquito Control position because a change in leadership is needed. The county should have representation in East Pasco, and concerns about how the current budget is applied. There appears to be low morale with staff at the PCMC. I have witnessed the current commissioner raise his voice towards members of staff, pointing his finger at them and, in my opinion, speaking down to the staff. The current commissioner also attempts to meddle in day to day operations and will not allow the director to do her job. Some members of staff have suggested that a change is needed. In the past 20 years, we have not had representation in East Pasco, currently, all three commissioners reside in West Pasco. Mosquito Control is understaffed. We have a budget that is almost double the budget of Manatee County and have one more employee than they do, our budget is slightly less than the Florida Keys Mosquito Control, but we have half the staff they do.
I have experience in management, have served as a HOA President and assisted the board in managing a large budget. I have the temperament, leadership skills, and experience that is needed for the Pasco Mosquito Control Board.
I have two main priorities if elected. I want to work with the Director and find ways to increase the staff in our growing county without raising the millage rate. We need to reallocate some of the money we have budgeted and bring in more staff and equipment to better serve the Pasco citizens. This can be done without a tax increase. I also pledge to work with the Director to improve staff morale. I will treat any member of the public and staff with the respect that they deserve.
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Phone (727) 243-5817
Professional Experience Department of Agriculture for 26+ Years as an Environmental Specialist.
Public Service Commissioner of Pasco County Mosquito Control for 16 years.
My background as an environmentalist with over 20 years of conducting feed, seed, fertilizer and pesticide inspections. I wanted to bring my expertise to help my community continue to eradicate the mosquitoes which cause infectious diseases.
My background as an Environmental Specialist with Florida Department of Agriculture. My community involvement and support with various Pasco County Charities. My 16 years of service as a Pasco County Mosquito Control Commissioner.
To continue our work with the eradication of mosquitos and their infectious diseases. To ensure the tax payers money is being used responsibly and to provide quality service to the residents of Pasco County.
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