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Franklin County Commissioner District 2

The board of county commissioners is the legislative authority for the county in the 33 noncharter counties. The commissioners serve as the chief administrators for most county operations.

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    Rocky Mullen

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    Ana Ruiz Peralta

Biographical Information

What strategies should the County use to improve its financial condition?

What do you see as the role of commissioners on the Board of the Benton-Franklin Health District?

Do you think the budget of the Benton/Franklin Health District is adequate considering the impact of Covid-19 in our area? Why or why not?

Are there specific areas where you would like to see better cooperation between the two counties? Please explain.

What are your ideas about programs for the homeless?

Do you agree that county and city officials should go through a mandatory racial equity training?

If so, why do you think so and what would you do to make it happen? If not, why not?

Party Preference Republican
Experience (Max 500 characters) I am a small business owner with over 35 years of management experience including budgeting, sales projections, planning, and cost controls. I want to use my experiences running successful businesses to serve in county government. I am a lifelong resident of Franklin County and have over the past four years attended and participated in the Franklin County Commissioners meetings on a regular basis. I am informed on current issues and the challenges facing Franklin County.
Campaign Address 230 CARR RD
PASCO, WA 99301
Campaign Phone (509) 528-8132
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Town where you live Pasco, WA.
Franklin County is facing unpresented challenges and must have elected officials who are experienced in dealing with budget shortfalls, unexpected crisis resolution, and who are able to make tough decisions to ensure we maintain essential services. Every aspect of the budget needs to be analyzed and reviewed, eliminating all excessive spending and eliminating any misuse of county funds. I bring 35 years of business experience dealing with planning, budgeting, and navigating unforeseen circumstances to ensure continued success and financial health. We need to address any and all issues that hold back progress and invest in solutions that will help Franklin County and its citizens to prosper. I believe all of the county departments need to work more closely together, creating goals, plans, and a path to achieve them. We have a great team of dedicated employees at Franklin County and I do believe that by working together we can get through this difficult time.
The role of the commissioners is to oversee the actions of the Health District, ensuring that decisions are made in the best interest of the county as a whole and providing a safe environment for the people of Benton and Franklin counties.
In these unpresented times, I would expect there to be added expenses and that is why we should have a reserve account holding funds for such an emergency. We should always be looking for more efficient ways to be more fiscally responsible and not have the "we must spend it or lose it" mentality. The budget will have to be reviewed and examined to ensure that it is sufficient to meet the needs for public safety.
Having attended the Franklin County Commissioners meetings regularly over the past four years I have seen several areas in which improvements can be made between the two counties. One of the major areas is mental health, it is a crisis that must be addressed. We must work together to find a solution that provides a safe environment for those that need help and for the health of our community.
To decrease the amount of homelessness we must first address the issue of mental health and drug abuse that contributes greatly to the homeless issue. We also need to create and promote programs that help those in need to enter the workforce to become a productive member of society. We should be consulting with other counties that have had success and duplicate those programs here. We must create a program that can be monitored to ensure that it is run efficiently and effectively to provide the needs of both patients and our community.
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We should all learn to work together and unite. Team building and education is a great way to learn and build trust in one another. I have spoken with local Law Enforcement and they are setting a great example of training, leading in this area to set an example for others to follow.
Party Preference Democratic Party
Experience (Max 500 characters) Interpreter & QI Monitor - Pacific Interpreters 1999 -2012, New York Life Agent 2012- 2018, Tri-Cities Community Health - Current Board Chair 2012 – Present, DPDA Board Member 2014-2016, Negotiator for City of Pasco- Colima Friendship Agreement, Somos Pasco Economic Development Strategic Vision- Executive Committee member 2016, Commissioner - Washington State Commission on Hispanic Affairs 2013- 2015, Graduate of Leadership Tri- Cities Class XVIII, Tri-Cities Regional Chamber of Commerce
Campaign Address P.O. Box 2242
PASCO, WA 99301
We have our area’s strategic economic shared vision called Somos Pasco, which is a detailed analysis of Pasco and Franklin County’s economy and what areas need additional investment and attention. The county commissioners can help bring stakeholders together to conduct a review of the report and update Somos Pasco.

The county should encourage the diversification, including advanced “direct-to-table” manufacturing, of our Ag sector. Additionally, expanding out Ag into non-food manufacturing such as new business in retail and consumer services. Doing so, provides more options for our residents to obtain family-supporting wage jobs.
One of the most important roles of commissioners regarding the Health District is to listen to the subject matter health experts, learning about the issues presented by them, and supporting Health District staff. One of the ways that the commissioners can support the staff is to make sure that the Health District is adequately funded to handle the challenges of the pandemic.
No, the Benton-Franklin Health District is severely underfunded. The Franklin County Commissioners must do more to fund the Health District as it works to mitigate effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Commissioners must efficiently disperse some of the $5.2 million of CARES Act funding to the Health District. In addition we need a broader collaborative approach with the public and private sectors to find additional resources to offer relief to our businesses after the CARES Act funds have been spent.

Yes, there certainly are areas where the two counties must work together closely and effectively. As we are in a global pandemic, it is essential that there’s strong cooperation between commissioners when it comes to our Benton-Franklin Health District. There has been too much acrimony on the Health District Board and in how our Franklin County Commissioners have interacted with our Health District staff.

Beyond public health, better cooperation between commissioners are necessary regarding the Superior Court, Juvenile Justice Center, and Transit Center. Finally, commissioners from both counties are expected to work together on a host of board assignments. These include Workforce Development, Benton Franklin Community Health Alliance, Benton Franklin Council of Government, and the Benton Franklin Transit Board. Commissioners must improve their meeting attendance on these joint boards, make a better effort in listening to each other, and be better prepared for these meetings.
This is a complex issue that requires cooperation between state, county, and city councils as well as the private sector. Our county government can help our local governments by helping to fund affording housing measures, and by working to bring more economic investment in the county. The Board of Commissioners can also apply its zoning authority as it relates to affordable residential and multifamily housing.
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Franklin County has had a difficult history with race and our county officials and staff should understand that history. Knowing this history enables the acknowledgement of the problem of racial oppression as well as understanding the structural inequalities that still exist in our community and how to address it. There are racial bias and cultural competency training and workshops that we can require county leaders and staff.