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Leoni Township Clerk

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  • Cindy L. Norris

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    Kerry Pickett

Describe your qualifications and experience for this office and explain your reasons for running. How would you be an asset?

Due to our current circumstances, what are the most important challenges facing our community, and how do you propose to address them?

How would you plan to accommodate an increase in absentee voting?

What is the role of the community clerk's office in increasing civic participation in elections, especially increasing the number of registered voters and encouraging turnout?

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-I have carefully went over several contracts and agreements and I have helped save our Township over $41,000/yr. in revising old contracts and utilizing opportunities available to Government and non-profit organizations.

-One accomplishment that I am proud to be a part of, which is still in the works, was to go through the last 20 years of the township ordinances, enlisting a firm to get the Township back on track with the record-keeping of the ordinances.

-I have ran three successful elections, one of which was done completely by mail in during the Covid-19 pandemic. Covid-19 created a new era of a lot of “firsts” not only nationwide, but in Leoni Township. Understanding the importance of the citizens of Leoni Township being allowed to cast their vote, I, along with my Deputy and other members of Leoni Township, worked countless hours assuring a successful election.

-I have also took on the task to help improve our cemeteries which have not been updated in several decades.

I feel the most important challenges are keeping the community connected. Being able to communicate with others is so important, and being able to help others to stay connected. To be able to help others by using today's technology along with social media and software that enables people to still see each other and communicate to keep that connection whether it's with family, friends or at work.
Utilizing State resources for election workers and training as many who are willing to take part in our democracy.
Being able to accommodate all voters needs is most important and making everyone feel comfortable. Easy access to the poles is key.