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Pennsylvania Auditor General

Description of office: The principal role of the Auditor General is to determine whether state funds are being used in accordance with the purpose and guidelines that govern each use of the Commonwealth’s dollars. The Auditor General conducts financial and performance audits of individuals, state agencies, and organizations that receive state funds, including school districts, state liquor stores, and public employee pension funds. These audits are designed to measure how effectively government programs are using public money to meet their stated goals and objectives. The office performs more than 6,000 audits each year and is responsible for auditing all Pennsylvania state programs that are allocated federal funds. Term: 4 yearsSalary: $167,838Vote for ONE.

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What are your top three priorities in office?

What distinguishes you from other candidates who are seeking to be Pennsylvania’s next Auditor General?

County Philadelphia
Education Chemistry, Postdoctoral Training in Molecular Genetics
Qualifications Policy Maker (Deputy Mayor & Advisor to President Obama on AAPI) Co-owner-Community Development finance business Trustee of Foundation, Grant making Chair-$40MM in grants and Investment Committee: oversight on half-billion-dollar endowment. Board Member, National Organization for Women
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Healthcare, Education and Jobs: To reduce healthcare costs I will find efficiencies in reimbursements to pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), 3rd -party administrators of prescription drug programs. I will lead the design of an audit to assess pandemic preparedness incorporating the lessons learned from the current COVID-19 pandemic on all fronts including healthcare, education, and the economy. Developing data-driven analyses to identify funding gaps in education, I will advocate for equitable funding, universal pre-K, and affordable post-secondary education. I will harness science and technology to create family sustaining jobs of the future and will advocate for work force development dollars to be invested in this sector.

I believe the Auditor General’s office can be a powerful tool for progressive change. As the chief fiscal watch dog, I will ensure tax dollars are used with integrity, transparency and accountability and assess the equitable use of the dollars. As a scientist trained to understand the value of data, I will use audit data to generate public policy information to support equitable legislation. As a small business owner and a former Deputy Mayor of Philadelphia, I am well versed in looking for efficiencies to maximize the impact of our dollars. As the former President of the Philadelphia chapter of the NOW and having served on President Obama’s Commission for AAPI, I deeply understand the power advocacy and its role in equitable public policy.
County Dauphin
Education Harrisburg Area Community College, Associates of Arts, Para Legal Studies; University of Pittsburgh, Bachelor of Arts, General Studies (concentration Sociology and History); Harrisburg University, Master's of Science, Project Management
Qualifications Former Special Investigator, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Inspector General; Retired Special Agent, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Attorney General; Dauphin County Controller (2016 to present); Former Certified Internal Auditor with the International Organization for Standards
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1) We are in a COVID-19 world. Both the federal and state governments are distributing grants and other COVID-19 funding to individuals, small business, and large businesses. My first priority as Auditor General is to make sure those funds were allocated to those individuals and businesses for who they were intended. 2) Work to have a more transparent government. For example, I will work to end political loopholes like the “honor system” that allows state agencies to keep high-dollar, taxpayer funded contracts hidden from the public. 3) Bring in subject matter experts to audit the progress and performance of any new and expensive initiatives and projects to determine how and if tax payer dollars are being spent wisely.
My 25 years of experience fighting fraud and waste sets me apart from other candidates. I feel passionately about the need to ensure government accountability and have devoted my career to eliminating fraud from both public and private sectors.

I first served the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as a Special Agent for the Office of Attorney General. I then served as a Special Investigator for the Office of Inspector General. After that I ventured into the private sector as an internal auditor and fraud investigator for University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Health Plan and various federal contractors. I currently serve as the Dauphin County Controller, being the only African American to be elected as a Row Officer in Dauphin County history.
County Montgomery
Education Master's of Business Administration-Grand Valley State University Bachelors of Business Administration-Management, Grand Valley State University
Qualifications Chair of the Board of Auditors, Upper Providence Township
1. Transparency: How many times have you heard a fellow Pennsylvanian joke about the "temporary" Johnsontown flood tax that we have been paying since 1936? How about the the gas tax, or turnpike tolls that are consistently repurposed for other projects? Taxpayers deserve to know where their money is going. Funds should be spent on what they were appropriated for. 2. Covid-19 has significantly impacted our state. Areas like education, healthcare, small business and unemployment have all been affected. It will be very important to audit the performance of related programs as well as ensuring that funds were properly allocated. 3. Combat government waste and inefficiency. I will work to ensure effective use of taxpayer dollars.
As a Libertarian, I am independent of the politicians who are making financial decisions for the Commonwealth. As an Auditor, this allows me to be a truly non-partisan fiscal watch dog. Professionally, I have spent almost twenty years in healthcare finance. I have extensive experience in looking for irregularities in financials and insuring data integrity. I was elected to the Upper Providence Board of Auditors in 2017 and have been serving as the Chair of the Board for the past two years.
County Philadelphia
Education Queens College - Flushing, NY BA Degree - February, 1985 Major: Biology - Minors: Chemistry; Music University of Nebraska Medical Center - Minority Health Careers Opportunity Baccalaureate Program 1983 Highest Academic Achievement Award - 4.0 GPA - 1983 Oratory Award - 1983 Citizenship Award - 1983
Qualifications I am a mother, a grand mother and a great grand mother (my most impressive qualifications). I have worked as a receptionist, a legal secretary, and a medical secretary, a lab technician, a computer, math, and science teacher, an analytical chemist and a scientist at the time of my retirement.
1) There is a desperate need for a third party. I welcome the values that the Green Party Pillars describe - Grassroots Democracy, Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, and Peace. (I would like to throw in Honesty and Respect). 2) Racist Laws like the Supreme Court's Dred Scott Decision show how deep racism is ingrained in our society. Unfair laws and practices like voter suppression, purging voters off lists, and long voting lines must end. 3) Quality Education & Climate Change - Growing up, I remember the fog being so thick, you could not see down the street. Upon my return, no one can recall the last time they have seen fog hit the streets of Philly. We have lost a very important regular occurring weather pattern without anyone noticing!
I was not groomed to be a politician, however having been blessed with a natural curiosity, and being a highly trained profession analytical chemist, I am well-equipped for the task of problem solving. The scientific approach enables me to view problems from a fresh point of view.