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The DSISD Board of Trustees consists of seven nonsalaried district patrons elected for a term of three years to represent all of the people in the school district. The Board has control over all major decisions regarding school policy, curriculum, expenditures, and building programs. It is the Board’s responsibility to provide tax monies for maintenance and operation of the schools, to submit bond issues to District voters for construction of school facilities, and to hire the Chief Executive Officer for the District.

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    Lori Saunders Broughton

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    Stephanie Holtzendorf

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    Ron Jones

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    Barbara Stroud

Biographical Information

1. What motivates you to seek this position and what qualifications do you bring to the Board of Trustees?

2. What are the most important issues currently facing the Dripping Springs Independent School District, and what will you do to address them?

3. How can diversity and inclusion be addressed to ensure equity within the school community,both currently and into the future?

Education Texas A&M University - Ph.D. U of Houston Clear Lake - MS The University of Texas at Austin - BS
Experience Thirty four years of experience working with children and adults in public school districts.
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (512) 766-5127
Facebook Lori Broughton, Ph.D. for dsisd school board
I have always had a passion to teach and lead all ages of learners. I feel the future of our community is determined by the quality of the educational system. With experience as a teacher, principal, and college adjunct professor, I have the ability to communicate and facilitate groups. The board is a team that works together to benefit the learning of our children, support the teachers and staff. I have the time and desire to help our community build excellence within our schools. I want to help decide what student learning may look like in fifty years.
As I write this, the need to facilitate remote and in person learning while maintaining a safe environment is paramount. This requires data and listening to experts that provide factual information. Secondly, I feel communication is key when addressing the needs of our schools. Communicating so that all stakeholders feel they have a voice in decisions made with taxpayer funds. Moving forward, DSISD will be challenged by high growth and how to manage buildings to house the children of DSISD. I have worked in two high growth school districts as a campus principal and understand the demands.
Diversity and inclusion create the beauty of a public-school settings, all are welcome and all can participate. When the doors open each day; everyone is welcomed and their learning journey begins together. Creativity, support, and professional development for staff and teachers is critical for our district to address this issue.
Education Liberal Arts degree from St. Edwards University Certified Public Accountant
Experience 20 years experience in state government, 10+ years serving on Founders Day Commission and other non-profit boards in Dripping Springs.
Campaign Email steph4schoolboard@gmail
Campaign Phone (512) 829-1354
These are the reasons I am seeking a potition on the DSISD Board of Trustee: ⦁ To ensure that students and teachers have the resources needed to continue to provide excellent education ⦁ To create alternative programs for students other than a college bound path. ⦁ To ensure a safe environment for students and teachers while getting students back into the classroom. ⦁ To lessen the financial burden on property owners.
The current issue opening the schools. Over 50% of parents want their children in school in person. Open the schools, safely, for these students with teachers, no virtual in the classroom. Another issue is ensuring the students and teachers have the resources needed to provide an excellent education. Put education first. Funds needed for education should be a priority over spending resources for construction, land purchases, etc. The third issue is lessening the financial burden on property owners. Reduce property taxes by reducing spending on building and construction.
Issues of "diversity, equity, and inclusion" should be a part of the planning as students of more diverse backgrounds move into our district. We need to prepare all our children to be the best possible version of themselves, both academically and socially. Also we need to continue instilling in our children basic human respect, manners, the importance of character, and a consideration for other human beings' thoughts and opinions.
Education BA, Business Administration Otterbein University
Experience 2 terms DSISD Board of Trustees, Past President Dripping Springs Education Foundation, Burke Foundation Volunteer
Campaign Email
Campaign Phone (512) 507-9106
It is a critical time for pubic education in Texas - particularly here in Dripping Springs. I believe the school district needs to redress education to explicitly seek a unique teaching and learning model for personalized instruction regardless of a continuing pandemic or the common cold and flu season. We should manage growth responsibly while maintaining a solid tax and budget perspective. Finally, I believe in creative and innovative solutions to make certain our community continues to be a highly regarded destination for education excellence.
Managing the pandemic is most pressing. I have been an advocate for searching for any and all solutions to engage our students immediately. This includes the possibility of researching alternate learning locations like churches, commercial space or wedding venues to better comply with CDC guidelines. Technology should also be addressed along with more traditional paper and other solutions to help students - particularly in areas where internet is not widely available or vacant. Secondly, I feel like growth is a pressing issue - particularly as it relates to demographics and economics.
Always leading from the administrative levels. Having high quality professionals from diverse cultures and backgrounds to be included on discussions of curriculum, extra curricular activities leadership and board policy can help ensure that all of our students have the same opportunity for excellence as they prepare for post-secondary and workplace endeavors.
Education J.D. with Honors, University of Texas School of Law; B.A. in Psychology, University of Texas at Austin
Experience Member of Dripping Springs ISD Board of Trustees since 2008. Served three years as board president and three years as board vice president.
Twitter @BarbaraStroud
I am a 16 year resident of Dripping Springs and the proud parent of two Dripping Springs graduates. I have served on the Dripping Springs ISD school board since 2008. I am an attorney and a mediator. I have over 400 hours of school board trustee training and school law training. I also have over 150 hours of training in conflict resolution and mediation, including training through the Center for Public Policy Dispute Resolution at the University of Texas School of Law. I believe these qualifications are valuable to our board and I would be honored if I am elected to serve for another term.
Educating students during this global pandemic is the most critical issue facing the District today. We must remain flexible and adaptable in order to do whatever it takes to meet students’ needs while also supporting our teachers and staff who are under tremendous pressure. The next critical issue is the rapid growth that our District faces and planning for this continued growth. As a board member, my job is to set high expectations and continue to hold our administration accountable for ensuring that all students receive an exceptional education even in these challenging circumstances.
The Board must set the expectation that “all” truly means “all” and hold everyone accountable to this expectation. I am proud to be part of a board that fosters a student-centered culture in the District, embraces diversity and inclusion and continues to move the district forward on both fronts. Our Board recently adopted non-discrimination policies that reflect these values. The Board has also recently requested an audit of our Special Education Department to help identify areas for improvement in ensuring inclusivity for our Special Education students.