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2 year term. Must be 25 years or older, a US citizen and a resident of Texas. Responsible for representing the citizens of his/her district in the US House of Representatives. Mandato de 2 años. Debe tener 25 años o más, ser ciudadano de EE. UU. y residente de Texas. Responsable de representar a los ciudadanos de su distrito en la Cámara de Representantes de los EE. UU.

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IMMIGRATION: Do you support legislation to maintain the DACA program?

HEALTHCARE: What legislation would you support, if any, to ensure comprehensive, affordable healthcare for all?

CLIMATE CHANGE: Do you believe Congress should adopt policies to combat climate change? If so, what would you propose?

ECONOMY: How would you propose to restore the country’s economic health when the COVID-19 pandemic is finally under control? Be specific regarding plans for addressing infrastructure needs. Include your plan for dealing with the national debt and income taxes.

OTHER ISSUES: What other issues do you believe will be most pressing in the next session of Congress, and what is your position on these issues?

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Age 36
Occupation Educator
Education B.A. in Government from Claremont McKenna College
Campaign Phone (214) 865-9826
Twitter @candacefor24
You Tube
Yes. The situation at the border is personal for me. My great grandfather came to Texas from Durango, Mexico at the turn of the 20th century and fought for the United States in World War I. My family history, like that of so many immigrants, is one of service to this country and hope in the American Dream. We need to break through the partisan gridlock and pass a comprehensive immigration reform package that secures our border, protects our families, and includes a pathway to citizenship for DREAMers. In Washington, I’ll work with anyone to make sure we have laws and reforms that fix the problem.
I was in a car accident in high school, resulting in chronic back pain. As a result, after graduating college, I was forced to work a second and third job just to afford my health care bills. My story is noteworthy in that it is increasingly common: Far too many North Texans struggle to afford the care they need, and that’s wrong. In Congress, I’ll stand up to insurance companies and their bought-and-paid-for politicians to protect people with pre-existing conditions and ensure every North Texan has access to affordable, high-quality health care.
I believe in science. Climate change is real and we need to do everything we can to combat it while we still have the chance. So much of Texas’ prosperity has come from our energy industry and the tens of thousands of North Texas families who are tied to it, so I don’t support the Green New Deal. However, we have a tremendous opportunity to invest in clean energy and create good jobs across North Texas. In Congress, I’ll fight for major investments in energy and clean infrastructure that can cut our carbon emissions and lead to tens of thousands of dignified, well-paid jobs across North Texas.
We must invest in education. Public schools provided the opportunities that allowed me to go from being homeless as a kid to become the first in my family to go to college. But we also have to recognize that college isn’t right for everyone and a middle-class life should be available to all. That’s why I led efforts to invest in skills training on the school board. Those sorts of job training programs, combined with necessary investments in our aging infrastructure, will lead to tens of thousands of well-paid, dignified jobs for North Texans.
I'm running for Congress because our communities in North Texas still aren’t getting the support they need, and politicians in Washington are more interested in bailing out corporate special interests than uplifting working families. In Congress, I’ll fight to lower the cost of health care and prescription drugs, control and defeat COVID-19, and jumpstart our economy with major investments in education and infrastructure that will generate tens of thousands of dignified, well-paid jobs for North Texans.
Age 55
Occupation Database Admin Manager
Twitter @DHamilton2020
You Tube
Yes, I support such legislation. Libertarians believe that all American families came here from somewhere else, whether long ago or relatively recently, and as long as they have no credible plan for, a history of, or perform acts of violence within our country, they should be welcome to immigrate to the United States. As a member of Congress, I would work toward current DACA participants and their immediate families (within one generation) be given temporary protected status for a limited time with an expedited avenue toward becoming a lawful permanent resident ("green card" holder) or to become a U.S. citizen.
I remain unclear as to what any federal legislation can do to make such assurances. Libertarians, as a rule, believe that the competition of the open market be used to determine and set affordable pricing in these areas. At a federal level, my efforts would be directed toward streamlining the FDA, and removing administrative blocks set by the government to prevent private and free market enterprises from developing and testing new medications. Protecting the health and safety of Americans is important, but not at the expense of limiting potentially life-saving medications from being developed and tested.
The areas that most directly affect global climate change have to do with America's energy needs, so I interpret this question to be a combination of addressing America's energy needs in the 21st century while simultaneously addressing climate change. With that in mind, I say "no", Congress should definitely not adopt additional policies to specifically combat global climate change, but should instead support businesses and technologies that make advances in this area possible, not through policy, but through funding of research into multiple sources of green energy, each source appropriate to its local environment.
I'm not sure how to answer this question. For Libertarians, infrastructure concerns fall primarily under private business. From our perspective, government is more often a hindrance than a benefit in infrastructure. To the point of dealing with the national debt, however, phasing out American military bases in many foreign countries (which have not been needed for decades but we spend enormous sums to maintain them) and returning those bases to their countries of origin would have a large monetary benefit, and those monies could then be re-purposed toward federal infrastructure projects and lowering income taxes.
As a statistician and analyst, I work with computer systems and computer security on a regular basis and, without any hesitation, I believe that the most significant threat to American interests is cyber-warfare. Congress should ensure additional funds for cyber-security projects, and should encourage more advanced cyber-security systems, including research into and development of quantum computing, and of artificial intelligence. The advancement of these projects will do more to address additional domestic threats, such as human slavery and sex trafficking, than any increase in enforcement could hope to accomplish.
Age 50
Occupation Lawyer
Education Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics, Texas A & M 1991 Law Degree Baylor School of Law 1994
Campaign Phone (972) 638-0293
Twitter @SteveKuzmich
You Tube
I support comprehensive immigration reform that would maintain and expand DACA while increasing boarder security. We can have generous legal immigration and tough boarder security. DACA is not good enough! Deferred action is letting our government use these kids as pawn. We need immediate action. We need immediate adjudication of status and a pathway to citizenship for those who qualify. It is important to note why we are not able to have both generous legal immigration and tough boarder security, because the R and D parties are dysfunctional, unable to solve our problems, and unable to compromise.
My approach combines the left wing’s desired single payer plan with the right wing’s free market plan. The plan is 17 points and outlined on my web page. I do not have all of the answers, but the plan combines the free market and government to reduce cost and expand coverage. It provides health savings accounts and catastrophic care for all. Most importantly the plan attacks costs.
Of course, it is one of the biggest problems we face. Congress is just not able to do it, at all. They are so dysfunctional they are not even able to pass an infrastructure improvement plan, how could they ever act on climate change with our broken two-party system. My environmental protection policy focuses on clean air and water because that is the very most our Government can take on locally while recognizing the dangers of global climate change. By solving these problems at a national level and leading the world by example, we can then focus more specifically on the issue of global warming.
The Covid pandemic has been painful, but the pain and economic loss caused by Covid is small compared to the damage that has been done and the debt we have accumulated for decades leading up to Covid. Our past debt left us financially much less able to deal with Covid. The parties have failed us on the budget because they fail to budget. Congress needs to submit and approve, this year, a balanced budget. After getting the annual budget under control, I outline a plan on my web page to eliminate the national debt over 15 years.
A gridlocked Congress that votes straight along party lines is not going to be able to take on any issues in the next Congress nor have they been able to accomplish anything significant in the last 5 Congress sessions. That is why the Congressional approval ratings average around 20%. In contrast, I am in the majority group of Americans that do not want one party in total control pushing their far right or far left agendas. The best balance in Congress would be a group of moderate candidates in the center that would drive more reasonable legislation and govern from the center. I am such a candidate.
Age 35
Occupation Journalist
Education BA in Journalism, University of Texas at Arlington
Campaign Phone (469) 801-9046
Twitter @MarkBauer
You Tube
When the Obama Administration created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, it protected from deportation young people who were brought to the US by their families and who only knew America as home. It made them eligible for work permits, creating economic benefits for all Americans. DACA’s status is threatened by a Republican administration that is oppositional to those goals. The program is used as a wedge issue, with major changes depending on who occupies the Oval Office. Congress should draft DACA-like legislation that would create a pathway to citizenship for Dreamers.
Nobody should be economically ruined in pursuit of medical treatment to stay alive. A lot of complex factors and variables play a role in sky high healthcare costs. To stop the hemorrhaging, I would support a universal catastrophic coverage plan so that Americans wouldn’t be afraid to seek medical care if they need it. From there, I would support legislation to make healthcare costs more transparent to patients. Other contributing factors include needing to pass tort reform to prevent exuberant damages awarded against medical and insurance providers that are passed on to patients.
We all have an obligation to steward our planet well. Our current political environment makes consensus on this issue difficult. Start where both sides can agree: America needs to lead the way in energy development regardless of source, finding new technologies to lessen the impact all of them have on the environment. From there, remove barriers to a competitive energy market by leveling the playing field to the extent possible in the tax and regulatory code.
Most every major issue covered in this voting guide is an economic issue. Making major changes in healthcare, education and environmental policy will improve the outlook for our economic health in 10-15 years, especially as it pertains to national debt. For immediate economic restoration, help match Americans with skills to job vacancies in other cities and states, and offer relocation pay to offset the risk associated with moving. Congress should extend student loan forbearance an additional six months, and it should pass legislation that increases the taxable earned income threshold to $20,000.
We are a nation that is deeply divided. Most good ideas offered by Republicans and Democrats don’t have a chance to get off the ground because party leaders seek political wins over legislative progress. What good are the best ideas if they never get taken off the shelf? We need to take a good hard look at our misunderstandings so that we can begin to see one another as neighbors again rather than political opponents. Working together is our generation’s moonshot.