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Flower Mound Town Council Place 5 Day Polling Places Flower Mound Community Activity Center (Pecan Room), 1200 Gerault Rd, Flower Mound Precinct Numbers 3024, 3026, 3027, 3028, 3029, 3030, 3031, 3033 Flower Mound Public Library (Community Room) 3030 Broadmoor Lane, Flower Mound Precinct Numbers 3025, 4023, 4024, 4025, 4026, 4027, 4028, 4029 REC of Grapevine, 1175 Municipal Way, Grapevine, 76051 Precinct Numbers 3321 (Tarrant County voters)

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    Ann Martin

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What is your vision for the future of your municipality and how would you achieve it?

COVID-19: What actions can the city take to address the health and economic impact caused by COVID-19?

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Budget: How will you address any budget deficit caused by COVID-19?

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Campaign Phone (972) 977-2142
Education BA Sociology, Hamilton College, Clinton NY Associate in Risk Management (ARM) The Institutes
Experience Friends of the Flower Mound Public Library: Board member since 2009, President (2012 -present) North Texas Warrior Golf Association: Tournament volunteer, financial supporter (2018- present) Scouting of America: Troop Committee Member, Merit-Badge Instructor, Troop 451, (2007- 2014) LISD School System: PTA member, Room-Parent, Literacy Volunteer LISD (2001- 2006); Marcus Band Boosters (2010-2012) Family Support Group, 1st/156FA NYARNG: Founding member, Poughkeepsie NY (1994-96)
Other Address 4700 Oak Springs Dr
I have been a Flower Mound resident for almost 23 years. I have consistently volunteered for organizations that serve the community, including The Friends of the Flower Mound Public Library as board member and President. I have spent the vast majority of my 32-year career in commercial insurance in risk control as a Service Director. My role requires analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as a dedication to and collaboration with multiple key stakeholders. Working with C-suite executives of Fortune 100 and 500 clients in a variety of ways has prepared me well for the discipline required of a Town Councilperson. I lead teams of internal business partners in delivering the plans I design and develop for our clients. I present annual Stewardship meetings to summarize project progress. I deliver on time, on budget and meet or exceed expectations. My planning and communication skills, along with my professional experience, are an excellent foundation for serving our citizens.
I encourage all constituents to contact me with questions or concerns. Please feel free to call, email or visit with me in person to discuss town matters. I look forward to gathering for “coffees” or get-togethers (virtually or in person, as circumstances allow). I believe those closest to the issues have very insightful things to say about them. To that end, making time to listen is absolutely key. I look forward to a time when town events and activities can resume so that I can promote my vision for the Town of Flower Mound with my participation.
My top environmental and land development concerns include tree preservation and appropriate planning for storm water runoff. Some residents of Flower Mound have recently suffered flood damage post￾development adjacent to their existing homes. Going forward, I can help reduce these issues by minimizing tree-removal request approvals and by holding developers to our town standards. Another environmental concern involves monitoring developments in the recycling market and looking for options and alternatives.
It’s hard to believe that one of our main thoroughfares (FM3040) was once nothing but, “a winding gravel road that got pretty sloppy when it rained.” (Sweet Flower Mound Land, Henington Publishing Company, 1995, p 55). Today, we have more than 790 lane miles of concrete and asphalt road ways! Town staff does a great job with road, signal, and sign maintenance. Still, we hear complaints of congestion, delays and worse, safety issues. Our transportation infrastructure deserves high priority as we strive to maintain excellent quality of life and preservation of safety. I am very interested in exploring new Adaptive Signal technology that could create more dynamic control of traffic lights to facilitate better flow, particularly during rush hours. Some intersections and thoroughfares may benefit from having additional turning lanes (for example at the intersection of FM2499 and FM3040). I will ensure these and other potential enhancements are given full consideration and high priority.
I have a vision of Flower Mound that includes: preservation of rolling hills, native trees and beautiful vistas across designated open areas; efficient, safe transportation infrastructure; residents’ peace of mind achieved by supporting our outstanding Police, Fire and Emergency Response Teams; responsible development of residential and commercial projects that will enhance our quality of life and promote achievement of a balanced budget with property tax relief for residents. This will require discipline, collaboration and dedication to the shared mission: “… to preserve our unique country atmosphere, heritage and quality of life while cultivating a dynamic economic environment.” I will contribute to the realization of this vision by preparing for every Council meeting; ensuring I consider how every project may impact the things we hold most dear. I will work respectfully with all constituents to ensure they are heard and fairly represented in my unbiased vote.
Regard for financial hardships created by Covid19 is paramount. Approving a balanced budget with the “no new revenue rate" is one way to promote and protect our Town’s economic health while respecting our property owners' financial obligations.
The State of Texas provides clear language and expectations via the “Open Meetings Act.” The Governor may issue Executive Orders during declared States of Emergency. Our Town Attorney and Town Secretary provide Council with updates, and in some cases, guidance on application of statutes and orders. Compliance is essential.
Our Town CFO has closely monitored and communicated the expected financial impact of Covid19 on the Town’s revenue and expenditure stream. Adjustments have been made on spending to compensate for projected fluctuations. I want to prioritize needs, reduce expenditures and promote creative revenue streams. Creative revenue streams does NOT include tax increases to our residents.
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