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Denton County Commissioner, Precinct 3

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    Delia Parker-Mims

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1. How would you use the County’s existing authority to regulate development in order to balance competing interests?

2. Are there any areas of overlapping services provided by governmental entities that you believe should be consolidated to more efficiently provide services to your County residents? Please explain.

3. What actions, if any, should be taken regarding Confederate monuments in Denton County?

4. What do you perceive to be the most important countywide issues and how would you address them?

5. Denton County is projected to grow over 350% in the next 30 years. How would you plan to ensure our community is developed in a way to prepare for growth?

6. COVID-19: What actions can the county take to address the health and economic impact caused by COVID-19?

7. Open Government: How will you ensure government transparency (open records, open meetings) is maintained during a state of emergency?

8. Budget: How will you address any budget deficit caused by COVID-19?

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Campaign Phone (214) 770-8440
Education 42 hours of college and over 320 hours of training for this job as well as training with GTE and the City of Lewisville
Experience 20 years as County Commissioner 10 years on the Lewisville City Council(7 as Mayor) 20 yrs at GTE in various management positions.
• Texas Local Government Code 232, details the County’s authority to regulate development. I will continue to work with our Planning and Engineering to insure all development applications are reviewed to insure they conform to the County’s regulations. I will also work with our municipalities and neighboring counties to find a solution that is beneficial to all that is affected.
• 2. Are there any areas of overlapping services provided by governmental entities that you believe should be consolidated to more efficiently provide services to your County residents? Please explain • We continue to look for ways to consolidate services but we have to be sensitive to our smaller and rural areas so that they are not disenfranchised. When we opened the New Precinct Government Center and added a County Office, the City of Lewisville transferred their records to Denton County so we would not have overlapping services. 911 services is consolidated so member cities throughout the County can use this service for their emergencies calls.
This statue was removed earlier this year.
• Mental Health is one of our largest challenges at this time since it impacts so many other family issues such as crime rates, social services, homelessness, etc. Denton County and the United Way are working together to address these issues through committees that include all areas of the County to address the needs of mental health issues. The Community Health Improvement Plan by Denton County Public Health addresses goals through 2020 to help residents receive treatment for mental health disorders. In a high growth area such as Denton County, Human Trafficking, Affordable Housing/Homelessness continues to be issues. All these issues requires partnerships with other elected officials and our regional partners that are also experiencing these problems. We have to combine our resources and work together for the best plan for all of Denton County and the Region. Transportation continues t
• Growing counties of healthy and successful metropolitan area are constantly challenged to accommodate emerging growth in economic and development activity. We continue to collaborate with our partners, TXDOT, our municipalities, NCTCOG, NTTA, Upper Trinity Water District to develop policies that provide for regional and countywide conveyance of traffic and development to assess the needs and work to develop strategic plans to ensure we address all needs in a methodical manner.. As Counties continue to grow they are faced with homeless populations, affordable housing and mental health issues. We partner with our cities/town, the United Way and our nonprofit agencies to provide the services that are needed.
• From the beginning of COVID-19 we contracted with United Way to implement a CARE portal that addresses housing issues, utilities issue, food issues and money for our nonprofit to continue to serve citizens that need service. We’ve provided $35.1 million dollars in small business grants, $2.5 million to our nonprofits, which includes $1.4 million for food, $2 million to ensure our citizens have plenty fruit and vegetables, $2 plus million for an eviction prevention program.$30 million to implement Operation Connecting Lives Program for our Mental Health citizens who are housed in Long Term Facilities who have not had regular service since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic . •
We are governed by the Texas Open Meeting Act and we will continue to abide by it along with the Disaster Act declared by the Governor. •
• We have already completed our Budget and at this time have not experienced any budget deficit. Denton County continues to live within our means while providing quality service to our citizens with the lowest tax rate since 1986. As we do every year, if this happens, we would continue to evaluate all services that are being provided to see if there are areas that need to be trimmed.
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Campaign Phone (469) 464-9427
Education Bachelor of Arts Economics, Southern Methodist University; Bachelor of Arts Journalism, Southern Methodist University; Doctor of Jurisprudence, SMU School of Law
Experience As an attorney, Delia Parker-Mims has spent more than two decades in Denton County's corner. A specialist in family and juvenile law, Delia has dedicated her life to working on behalf of those who need it most. Now, she wants to take the lessons she's learned from her career and bring them to the county level. Delia knows that meeting our community's needs requires passion, professionalism, and a proactive approach to problem-solving.
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Businesses receiving county support through tax incentives should be required to do more than undergo scrutiny from Development Services, Fire Marshal, and Environmental Services. I would like the County to implement a new requirement for potential businesses — that of paying their employees a living wage. If new businesses’ employees don’t earn enough, those employees may need assistance from County services and that situation means that those cost are transferred primarily to homeowners. Another aspect to balance competing interest is developing a tax abatement process that protects the viability of existing small businesses and does not unfairly burden homeowners with the cost of development. ( Additionally, I believe that the County’s environmental health regulations should be strengthened since the County’s air quality is rated among the worst in the state.
As a lawyer, trained in economics, I relish the idea of digging into all the details of Denton County’s budget and discovering exactly where services provided by governmental entities can be consolidated. I suspect that it may be possible to consolidate the Public Health, the Indigent Health, and the Health Care Relief Funds for more efficiency and therefore, greater effectiveness and reduced cost for the citizens of Denton County.

All Confederate monuments in Denton County should be removed from County property as they pay homage to slavery, an illegal institution that was abolished in 1863 in the United States and in Texas in 1865. I travel to other counties representing clients. When I travel to counties where the confederate statue or other symbols of the confederacy are flown in the halls of justice or on public grounds, I am immediately filled with fear. I believe I am unsafe and wonder if my client will receive justice. That is what those symbols mean to me, and I am a southerner. Those symbols represent sedition and should not be on public grounds. A better location would be in museums where discussions can take place about their meaning to different individuals and families. If we are to move forward, we cannot continue to fight about institutions and symbols of the past that are only divisive.
Lack of access to voting is an issue. In Precinct 3 we have “voting deserts”. The voting locations continually change. This results in people being confused as to where they can vote on Election Day. Establishing Voting Centers in Denton County would enable all residents to vote at any location on election day, just as they do during early voting. Lack of health care for the uninsured or underinsured is another issue. The County has the most restrictive qualifying standards for Indigent Health Care. This results in 90% of residents who are indigent not qualifying for indigent health care. Part of the indigent health care is providing immunizations. With COVID, immunizations are going to become more important and access to these services. I would expand the eligibility requirements for access to the Indigent Health Care program.
Leaders need to be smart and responsive by being proactive, engaging and forward thinking. I would advocate the development of a green economic growth plan. A well-developed plan would map out how we attract business, methods we use to promote the sustainability of existing small businesses, our abatement process, the healthcare and impact on the environment. Developing a long-range economic growth plan will create a vision for the future, document those plans, and adopt a plan of action allowing planned movement. It will also bring a layer of transparency to the operations of the County. Instead of reacting to circumstances, we would be proactive. One aspect I would include is developing a well thought out abatement process. The abatement process impacts county revenues, existing small businesses and the burden transferred to homeowners. All of which are important as we develop and prepare for continued growth. (
Actions Denton County can take to address health and economic impact of COVID are 1) to use all means to enforce the mask mandate, 2) increase eligibility standards for Indigent Health Care, 3) use federal funds to provide free masks and 4) work with the community to help minimize the impact on families. COVID-19 will have a comprehensive impact not only on health but an economic impact. To lessen economic impact, the County can reduce the extreme restrictive eligibility standards for indigent health care. Part of the health care is providing immunizations. Currently more than 90% of indigent county residents do not qualify for indigent health care. Further, providing free masks reduces non-compliance. I have personally provided free masks to residents in Precinct 3 and have found that every single person I offered a mask to accepted. Finally, the County can ensure that the federal funds allocated to families economically impacted from this crisis actually reaches those families.
I would support the availability of both open records and open meetings to ensure government transparency. Unfortunately, sometimes decisions affecting the County are made behind closed doors. I would raise my voice in support of open meetings so citizens could hear how decisions are made and by whom. Also, I would advocate that any records of those decisions should always be easily accessible to citizens, but especially so during this state of emergency COVID-19 caused.
Budget deficits could be addressed by finding services which could be consolidated and thereby increasing economies of scale in efficiencies. Additionally, more funds could be realized by decreasing the number, size, or length of property tax abatements for new businesses and corporations. (