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Trophy Club Town Council Place 1 Day Polling Place Trophy Club Town Hall 1 Trophy Wood Drive Trophy Club, Texas 76262May 2020: Mayor, Place 1 and 2

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    Greg Lamont

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    Rhylan Rowe

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What are your qualifications for this office?

What strategies will you use to ensure open communication between City Hall and residents?

What are your top environmental and land development concerns and how do you plan to address them?

What is your vision for transportation infrastructure in your community and how will you advance it?

What is your vision for the future of your municipality and how would you achieve it?

COVID-19: What actions can the city take to address the health and economic impact caused by COVID-19?

Open Government: How will you ensure government transparency (open records, open meetings) is maintained during a state of emergency?

Budget: How will you address any budget deficit caused by COVID-19?

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Campaign Phone (817) 491-3330
Education High School
Experience I have served 7 years on Council. During those years, three (3) as Mayor Pro Tem of the Council
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We moved to Trophy Club 19 years ago and have been involved in serving the community and my neighborhood for the past 18 years. I have served 7 years on Council and was term limited in May of 2019. During those years, three (3) as Mayor Pro Tem, the Council accomplished significant financial savings, updating Town Ordinances, Rules of Procedure, modernizing Town facilities and improving our Town Staff. I served on The Lakes of Trophy Club HOA as it’s President for 12 years 2002-14.
I have been involved in direct communications with Residents my entire time serving our community, I believe that as Council Members we are the conduit for the Residents to Town staff who are in charge of the day to day operations, communications and maintenance of the Town. I believe that if a Resident asks for an answer, opinion or help they are entitled to a response and help with that issue, “Thank you for your input” is not sufficient.

As to Land Development there are a few lots (residential and commercial) left and they are for the most part zoned and ready to be built which will lead to a complete buildout in the very near future. The immediate environmental issues will be for several areas in Town that have significant water flow/flooding issues. They need to be addressed in the near future, it may require the issuance of new Bonds, I believe that with maturing bonds being paid off this new bond initiative will not cause an increase in the bond tax rate. The Town also has a Sewer and Drainage fund set up which is charged thru our MUD (Municipal Utility District) for short term repairs. As to the long term, the Town has in place a Design Standards including a drainage plan that is reviewed and updated periodically.
The word “transportation” in Trophy Club is limited to vehicles. Which simply means “The Streets of Trophy Club”. We have a portion of our sales tax (Street Maintenance) that is dedicated to our streets for the normal maintenance such as curb repair, panel replacements etc. Long term i.e. major road repairs: Trophy Club Drive, Indian Creek Drive, Phoenix Drive etc are generally set up thru the issuance of a Town bond. The Town has in place a long term Capital Projects plan which coordinates the planning, dates for repair and the funds issued to stay within the tax bond rate
Our Town has a slogan that defines our Town : A Great Place to Call Home” My vision is simple, to work and keep that saying alive for everyone in Trophy Club to believe in that mantra. I believe our residents believe in Safety, Parks, Trails and easy access moving in and out of town. We need to visit our Police and Fire Departments budgets, we have had significant growth since 2015 with residential including an apartment complex and commercial properties including several restaurants without any permanent additions to those departments. Our Parkland is for the most part complete, we put in place a Capital Improvement Plan several years ago and that will keep our playgrounds and fields current and modernized.
As a small town that is within 2 Counties (Denton and Tarrant) we follow their guidelines. The Town has put in place several safety measures for both the staff and visiting residents and guests such as temperature testing, social distancing and mask requirements.
With today’s technology the Council meetings are fully transparent with FaceBook Live, it can be viewed in progress or at a later date for viewing. The Open Records Department needs a complete overhaul, I am hopefully that the new IT Company that has been hired will recommend the necessary adjustments to make compliance more efficient and accurate for both staff and the requestor. As to any emergencies the Town has in place a plan and a room in the Town Hall building capable of handling an emergency. In addition, along with our regional Partners there is in place a coordinated plan for any area wide emergencies.
One of the fortunate benefits for us this year since we have limited sales tax revenue as we are primarily a residential area, the new State Law that now gives the sales tax generated from purchases by TC Residents by out of area businesses such as Amazon now goes to the local Municipality. With the decline in sales tax from local businesses due to Covid-19, this boost saw a break even and possibly a slight increase in sales tax revenue when the final numbers are in for the year. There was a restructure and refinance of several items in the budget this year to take advantage of the lowering of the interest rates. The Town has just outsourced our IT Department and according to the Town Manager that should save us approximately $50,000 per year. If the health situation continues into next year we will have to look at other ways to balance the budget to try and avoid raising the Tax Rate.

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Campaign Phone (817) 266-9850
Education Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Texas A&M University, Dwight Look College of Engineering, 2002.
Experience -- Place 3, Trophy Club Town Council (2014-2019). -- Mayor Pro Tem, Trophy Club (May 2017 - May 2018). -- Vice-Chair, Trophy Club Charter Review Commission (2019). -- Vice-Chair, Trophy Club Planning & Zoning Commission (2019-present).
I've lived in Trophy Club for over 15 years and served on our Town Council from 2014-2019. I also served as Vice-Chair of our 2019 Charter Review Commission, and I have been Vice-Chair of our Planning & Zoning Commission since 2019. While on Council, I was named to 9 different subcommittees by the Council, served as Council liaison to our Economic Development Corporation for 4 1/2 years, and served as Mayor Pro Tem for one year.

I’ve worked in technology since graduating from Texas A&M in 2002, and have spent those 18+ years making day-to-day operational decisions for businesses I’ve been involved with. For almost 15 years, I’ve led organizations that deliver software services to clients 24x7x365. I’m accustomed to making decisions every day that impact both the present and the future, assessing risk, and balancing costs against value of services provided.
When working directly with residents, a municipality has to view itself as a customer service-oriented operation. While on Council, I've always been supportive of staff initiatives to improve or expand communication with the community, and insisted that PIO office programs are evaluated and adjusted over time to ensure that we're reaching who we want to reach, and that the audience understands the message. As a Council member, I've provided support and feedback on past efforts to expand the reach of Town messaging via phone, email, web, and social media, as well as the deployment of solutions that make it easier for residents to report issues and submit inquiries to the Town. We have to continue making it easier for residents to find information and provide feedback, as a staff goal for all departments. On a personal level, I've established a reputation for being responsive and transparent in communications with residents as a Council member.
From a development perspective, Trophy Club is almost completely built out. As an overwhelmingly residential town, our top development priority remains maximizing the sales tax-generating potential of what little commercially zoned property remains undeveloped. Residentially, only a few vacant infill areas remain. I stand with the overwhelming majority of Trophy Club residents that prefer the low-density, single-family zoning that already applies to the few remaining undeveloped residential properties.

Environmentally, Trophy Club's adjacency to Lake Grapevine necessitates areas of emphasis for Town staff and engineers. Activities both private and public are routinely affected by environmental policies applicable to watershed areas and federal flowage easements. Our operations have to be aligned with the entities that control these policies. Staff education and awareness is an ongoing priority, and also helps us better formulate plans for maintaining local stormwater infrastructure.
In Trophy Club, transportation infrastructure means streets, streets, and streets. For roughly the last decade, Trophy Club has maintained a robust Capital Improvements Program to ensure that we stay ahead of the curve in taking care of aging streets. While I was on Council, we took full advantage of our ability to finance capital improvement projects without raising the I&S (interest & sinking) portion of our tax rate, keeping streets projects fully funded and programmed years into the future. We also directed staff to complete the first of periodic comprehensive reviews of street conditions to ensure that we had the information necessary to prioritize future streets projects. In the future, I'll continue to support this strategy and look for ways to optimize our process.
Within six months of graduating from Texas A&M and moving to Roanoke, I knew I wanted to live in Trophy Club. Two years later, I bought my first home here. As a Council member, I've tried to be a steward of the characteristics that made me want to live here over 15 years ago. We are routinely named as one of the safest communities in Texas. We have the tax base to remain financially sound. We've got the resources to provide a high level of service to residents, but we're still small enough to have a genuine sense of community.

We can maintain and take opportunities to improve by being good stewards of all the advantages we currently enjoy. Location in a high-growth region, residential property values, first responders, community volunteers, proximity to Lake Grapevine, parks, recreational programs, and a commitment to fiscal responsibility all work in concert to maintain the high standards of safety, prosperity and a sense of community among residents.
Trophy Club is a small municipality that doesn't employ its own public health staff. This means almost all COVID-19 health policies will be set by County or State officials. As a result, our role in addressing health impacts caused by COVID-19 should continue to center around two-way communication with residents, transparency, affording each other patience and grace during challenging times, and leaders modeling positive behavior in response to public health mandates.

In terms of economic impact, this is the rare time where being an overwhelmingly residential community is an economic advantage. Tax revenues come primarily from residential properties - a revenue stream that has not been significantly impacted. Our FY21 budget takes some measures to mitigate the impact of COVID-19. As we look to the future, we will need to prepare budgetary contingencies in the event of an extended economic downturn that goes on long enough to impact our property tax revenues.
Transparency has been an ongoing focus for me as a Council member, and I was a part of several improvements when I served previously. Under the state of emergency, we can do more to ensure that we are as open as possible. Clear, emphatic messaging regarding time and location of public meetings, and COVID-19 policy changes are already taking place and should continue. We also should look closely at any services or interactions with the public that don't have an online/remote option, and deploy one wherever possible.

I am 100% committed to the benefits of governing via a deliberative body, and will advocate for limiting use of powers available to the Mayor under the declaration of emergency to the absolute minimum. Maintaining the declaration of emergency is important for a number of statutory reasons, availability of relief funds chief among them, but we should allow for the Mayor & Council to debate and take action normally on policy decisions at every possible opportunity.
In terms of economic impact, this is the rare time where being an overwhelmingly residential community is an economic advantage. Tax revenues come primarily from residential properties, so we've avoided substantial revenue impact as a Town. Sales tax revenues will obviously fall short of projections, but recent changes in law requiring out-of-state businesses like Amazon to pay city & state sales tax has softened the impact of COVID-19. A tradition of judicious budgeting (I was on Council for 5 of the last 7 budgets) means we can absorb a revenue slump with minimal disruption. The FY21 budget, nearing approval, is built upon conservative revenue forecasts, does not add staff headcount, and limits salary increases to very conservative merit-based raises and/or market adjustments. I support that approach.

As we look to the future, we will need to prepare budgetary contingencies in the event of an extended economic downturn that goes on long enough to impact our property tax revenues.
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