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Pueblo City Council District 4

There are seven (7) elected Pueblo City Council members who govern Pueblo. Council-members are elected for four-year terms in staggered elections. Electors will be selecting one Council Member for the District 4 seat, for 4-Year Term expiring December 31, 2023.

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  • Ray Aguilera

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    Josephine Gonzales-Gifford

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    Kevin Neal

  • R. Kenneth O'Neal

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What are your qualifications for office?

Why are you running for city council?

What do you see as the major issue facing Pueblo and what do you think the solution is?

What changes, if any, would you like to see concerning how the city is run?

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Background Volunteering, family Law , politics.
Contact phone 719 334 5341
I was not aware there are specific qualifications to become a Council member. Unless your not a part of the party. My history advocate and volunteer in my community qualifies me. My community address qualifies me.
Because its time to move Pueblo forward we have been stagnent placant for to many years. As a person who has and will continue to live on a budget, I feel new eyes and thoughts sre very much needed on Council. Many of the good people running have been seated for over a DECADE. The only way to have change is to VOTE it in. We are the people. Not to mention we as women need a place a voice at the table we are so important our thoughts are important, we need to take our place. I look forward to working with Council the Commissioners and the Mayor on all the great things happening in Pueblo.
It starts with us voteing in the same men and expecting change of any kind. To face the issues we need open ears, willing and able bodies in these seats to move Pueblo forward. Living wages not surviving wages. Housing. Black Hills. Water. So many
I think more partnerships with the Commissioners and various company's in our community to boost employment. A faster track to the phrase 2 of Public utilities. This is so vital to us all. Transparency .. I hope to receive your endorsement for this election. Thank you.
Background Law Enforcement, Security, Oilfields and Railroad
Contact e-mail
Contact phone 719-289-6546
I have lead people from one employee to fifty plus. I have read numerous self help books on leadership and teamwork. I have strategized with personal on issue regarding work and complaints and figured out a solution without escalating into more issues. I have eight kids so multitasking is on point as well as being understanding the whole picture before making a decision.
I am running to bring change to the panel, as I am not apart of the good ol' boy system. I have eight children growing up in this town so I am invested in developing a better city. I'm very honest and don't have a program going against the grain of an idea. Also, I ask questions if they dont make sense.
Drug addiction: I believe that finding a way to get those in needed into treatment and assist in maintaining while in recovery. We need to hold not only the users accountable but also our programs assisting throughout the community.

Stronger communities: I feel if we brought more trades/ skill shops to our town that we would eliminate a lot of our homeless and lower income families. We lose a lot of our community due to dropping out of high school and/ or college and after several months or years it's too much to recover. By having these shops, we can get our community members in need a tool to use in providing for their family and in the end, our community.

I would like to see our money being spent to good use. What funds we have for our roads should be used now in paving to show the voters. I want to see more transparency, integrity, and accountability held on all members. I want to see council members disagree for the better of their communities instead of agreeing on everything another member brings to the table. We were voted by the people for the people! I want to see city council understand that the Mayor is the overall boss in the chain of command.
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