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Aims College Trustee District B

Trustee District B. Four year term. Vote for one.The Aims College District is governed by a five-member Board of Trustees. The Trustees are elected to four-year terms by voters in Aims' taxing district, which encompasses all of Weld County, as well as portions of Adams, Broomfield, Larimer, Logan and Morgan Counties. For a map of the AIMS Service Area including the Tax District click here.

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  • Andres G. Guerrero, Jr.

  • Mark Hout

Biographical Information

1. How would you prioritize spending in light of increased or decreased revenues in your school district?

2. What are two of your greatest concerns in your school district over the next four years and how would you address them?

3. Describe your style of conflict resolution.

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Background Residential remodeling general contractor since 1977, born Massilon, Ohio 1955, studied at Kent State University, University of Northern Colorado and Aims Community College. Studied wildlife management and industrial arts...... Owner of UNI Design, married Enita Kearns Hout (Director of Guadelupe Homeless Shelter), two sons Sean and Tyler with a daughter Megan deceased........ Rotarian since 1994, past A Womans Place board member, past D6 facilities advisory member, current member Greeley Chamber LGBAC committee..... Have participated on Aims advisory construction committees since the late 1990’s, advocate of and for trades (Vo-Ed) CTE education being sustainably re-established in our K-12 schools to maintain workforce development as a continuum once again...... Historically in this state and in our districts, we send about 50% of our Highschool graduates on to college. We know statistically that about 50% of those students finish college or higher degree. That leaves about 60 to 70 % of our High school graduates without a direct career goal post High school ........ I have queried many in agreement, that the 'educational mantra' up until a few years ago was ‘that if you don’t go to college you’ll be a failure’. That was a falsehood that diminished a great number of respective opportunities and potentials for students ....... I believe we need to understand that our general direction with education has oversold Higher Ed in part and that we undersold and underestimated the ongoing need of skills learning career opportunities for the many of our Highschool graduates....... I believe Aims plays critical role in supporting trades, certificate workforce development and AA college attainment. I see Aims as the yoke of the wheel that all the “school district spokes” connect to eventually.... Presently about 29% of the college’s total enrollment is concurrent with high school students enrolled in Aims course work, either for college or certificate credit, that’s transferable throughout out state. This statistic has significant annual increases every year since 2015........ Today's students have different challenges. Maximizing coaching and guidance provides greater yields that maximizes student potential. The more we invest in those coaching and guidance missions, that begin early on, will be a great benefit for all concerned. Many of of our Highschools average only one guidance advisor per 400 to 500 students. This is a struggle for our district schools and even Aims College ...... The Aims president Dr. Leah Bornstein, her cabinet, faculty and staff are very competent and committed to student support, retention and attainment...... We need to once again establish workforce development as a educational continuum whether it’s a potential doctor, lawyer, plumber, mason, electrician, nurse nurse’s aid and on... we are a community that needs to support the kindergarten through forever educational process, with continual help along the way to learn..... Sometimes a little light in the tunnel is all one needs...... As a business owner and contractor I provide a balance of insight to the college through the board of trustees. It has been my honor to serve as your Trustee and would appreciate your continued support. Please call, email or text me your questions or concerns. Thank you.
Contact e-mail MARK@UNI-DESIGN.COM
Contact phone 970-396-4895
At Aims, our budgets are not as subjective monetarily to a minimum but what is needed and appropriate. We need to view and review our support to our college mission and how that supports our diverse communities needs. Surrounding school district students, residents of all ages and our workforce are most important in the focus and attention.

Please remember that Aims college is well funded, yet many of the surrounding school districts need more funding for infrastructure and programs, Aims can’t build schools or learning labs for our districts but can expand and supply course content for concurrent programs for college credit or certificate learning for those high school students and all of our learning needs.

Unless we make the sustainable reintroduction of workforce development skills in our K thru 12 educational process we will loose the battle in ever gaining a workforce to support our needs and demands.

1. Make sure our oil dollars (and that’s everyone’s oil dollars) fairly replenish our schools infrastructure and associated skills based learning processes, so that we can provide what is fundamental to our workforce community needs in a sustainable fashion. These re-investment mill & bonds levies need to be specifically designed and publicly watchdogged sustainably so that every high school graduate is either skill ready or has clear affordable ed career goals.

2. Remind students & parents that historically only about 30% of high school graduates complete a 4 year degree and that having a job ready skill after high school is as important as having a goal for a college degree. We need to instill pride that all professions, skills and trades are equally important to any community.
Always ask for documentation and clarification on differences from both parties. Ask for their respective solutions that would harness conflict into agreement for all concerned. Occasionally break tension with respectful humor, simile and metaphor so all parties can participate and relax when feeling trapped. We all need coaching and self-examination.