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Brighton Councilmember Ward 1

Council member Ward 1 four year term

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    Tim Watts

Biographical Information

How would you prioritize spending in light of increased or decreased revenues in your City?

What are two of your greatest concerns in your City over the next four years and how would you address them?

Describe your style of conflict resolution.

Background USMC Veteran, Hospitality industry with knowledge in Finance and budgeting.
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Contact phone 7275347939
Twitter @TimWBrighton
I would first look at what is best for our Residents and our City prior to making a decision on and funds being spent. I do feel that based on best interest is how I would prioritize money spent.
Loss of Trust for our local Government by our Residents is a concerning issue. One of the things I will be focusing on is increasing the amount of communication between our Residents and our City Leaders as well as having more transparency when it comes to new projects.

The issues with our Water funds and the days in a cycle is another issue that we need to rectify and I intend on working with City Manager and Resident led audit committee to help find a resolution.
Being in the Hospitality industry I have always utilized the LAST method - Listen to the concern, Apologize for the issue, Solve the issue and Thank them for their feedback - But one of the important pieces of this is to respond to each concern I receive in a rapid fashion We as Elected Officials need to be available to hear our Residents voice their concerns and we need to address them.