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Greeley City Council Ward I

City of Greeley Council Ward I is elected to 4-year term and may be elected to 2 consecutive 4 year terms. The Council meets annually to evaluate the state of the City and to determine priorities which guide the City government for the upcoming year. The Council meets regularly to conduct City business. Council meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm. They also conduct Worksessions on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 5pm.

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    Tommy Butler

  • Blythe Driver

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What will be your top three priorities as a Greeley City Council member?

What do you believe the principal issues will be over the next ten years for the City of Greeley?

Background I have had great opportunities in my life to work for nonprofits and political campaigns. My first job after graduating from the University of Northern Colorado (Go bears!) was running field offices for the Obama Campaign in 2012. I have also worked as part of a national hunger study run by The Great Plains Food Bank in partnership with Feeding America. Since then, I have either worked for and volunteered for dozens of local races, from city council to school funding initiatives. I now work in the Radiology Scheduling Department at North Colorado Medical Center in Greeley. Outside of my work experience, I am proud to serve on the Board of the Weld County Democratic Party, as well as the board of The Weld County Young Democrats, and I am on the Executive Committee of the Colorado Democratic Party.
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Both people running for this position are 29. But for someone my age, I have a great deal of experience to draw on. I have worked for nonprofits and political campaigns, and I have also been proud to serve on multiple boards throughout my life. Those experiences have taught me the impact of public policy on everyday people's lives, particularly at the local level. I hope to bring that experience to bear for the people of Greeley.

My top three priorities are building more affordable housing, diversifying our economy, and increasing civic engagement. I'll get to affordable housing in my next answer. For a more diverse economy, we need to make sure that we're helping the growth of new industries in Greeley. We're starting to see the growth of manufacturing here in Greeley. I would like to see that continue to grow by incentivizing more of those jobs to come here. We must also invest in our infrastructure. But that's does not stop at important, traditional infrastructure like schools, roads, and sidewalks. We also need to invest in 21st century infrastructure like broadband internet, which will bring the kind of jobs to Greeley that require faster, cheaper internet. As for increasing civic engagement, we need to make sure everyone that wants to be involved has an opportunity to interact with their local government. I'll hold monthly town hall meetings and push to make council meetings as accessible as possible.
The #1 issue facing Greeley over the next decade is our affordable housing problem. Housing prices have almost doubled in the last few years. We need to tackle that problem now before it becomes an even bigger problem later. We can't turn into places like Loveland and Fort Collins where people that work there can no longer afford to live there. We need to push for more multi-family zoning and development, increase funding to programs like the G-Hope program, and aggressively apply for newly available funds for affordable housing development from the state. The city has an ambitious plan to build 5,500 new homes in the next 6 years. While we build those homes, we need to incentivize the development of safe, affordable housing, otherwise, we will price more and more people out of living in our community.
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