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Greeley City Council Ward IV

City of Greeley Councilmember Ward IV is elected to 4-year term and may be elected to 2 consecutive 4-year terms. The Council meets annually to evaluate the state of the City and to determine priorities which guide the City government for the upcoming year. The Council meets regularly to City business. Council meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30pm. They also conduct Worksessions on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month at 5pm.

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    James Roohr

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    Michael Whitcomb

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What are your qualifications to serve on Greeley City Council?

What will be your top three priorities as a Greeley City Council member?

What do you believe the principal issues will be over the next ten years for the City of Greeley?

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Background James Roohr was born and raised in West Allis, Wisconsin. Graduated from University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice. He and his wife Ashley moved to Colorado in 2009 after finishing his degree. James’ work experience includes being a Private Investigator, Workman’s Comp Fraud Investigator and a Case Manager at a halfway house. He is currently employed as a Sales Representative for Pepsi Beverages Company. James, Ashley and their three kids; Jacob (11), Daniel (8) and Hannah (6) moved to Greeley in January 2017 when they bought their first home. James is involved with his church at Trinity Lutheran Church and school in Greeley where he serves on the Board of Christian Education as well as volunteers as a Basketball Coach. James enjoys fishing, hunting, camping, church bible study group and spending time with friends and his family. James not only enjoys the diversity that Colorado has to offer but also loves what the city of Greeley has done for the community and wants to advocate for the continuing impact of this great city. James strongly believes that by investing in today will provide great opportunities for the future generations!
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I am a concerned citizen that wants to invest more into the community to lead this great city into the future. I am a leader that cares about the best interests of the constituents in the community. I have been in various positions that required leadership qualities that have taught me the skills that will be utilized as a councilmember. For example, I am currently an elected board member on the Board of Christian Education at Trinity Lutheran Church and School in Greeley. I held a management position that helped individuals transition back into their communities as a productive member of society. I have always wanted to serve my community and I feel with my leadership qualities, passion, morals, and experiences would consider me qualified to serve as a city councilmember.
My top three priorities as a city councilmember will be Infrastructure, Housing, and transportation. Infrastructure in the aspect of public safety such as Police and Fire departments that will need to make sure that they have the resources and tools needed to be effective as the city continues to grow. Water department also would be needing the resources to make sure the water supply will be ample for the continued growth of the city. Housing is a priority as there is a need for affordable housing in Greeley. With our community growing, we need to make sure that there are options for affordable housing. Lastly, transportation is the other priority that I will tackle if elected. I will advocate for transportation to keep moving in the direction of the future and look at options for transportation for the community.
I believe that growth, housing, and water will be principle issues that will be over the next ten years for the City of Greeley. With a growing population there always comes challenges that will need to be faced. As an elected official, it would be the job to make sure that decisions are made in a smart matter that will be good for the city AND for the constituents. If we have a smart plan for growth that includes the need for affordable housing, and capabilities to have enough water supply it will be better for our community.
Background I was born in Colorado Springs, attended the University of Colorado and en route to graduating with a bachelor's degree in history, was involved in the student government and was the president of a successful student organization. Three years ago, my wife and I were able to buy our first home and decided to put down roots here in Greeley. Since then, I have been involved in communications and community organizing to make others in the community feel as welcome as I felt when I moved here.
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Twitter @WhitcombWard4
I believe that I'm qualified to sit on the Greeley City Council because I have always gone well out of my way to bring every voice impacted by an issue to the table. I always try to walk a mile in others' shoes before making a decision because without listening to the perspectives' of those who have different experiences than myself, I would be stunting the search for solutions that can benefit everyone, not just one group. You would think that would be common sense, but too often I've seen people and organizations facing serious issues who are never given a seat at the table to express their ideas on how to solve the challenges we face. Too often elected officials are more interested in their own agendas than that of the greater good of the community. If a central qualification to be a representative of The People is to actually listen to The People; to everyone, not just to those whom your are predisposed to agree with, then I certainly have that qualification.
1) I will return transparency and dialogue from the City Council to the people of Greeley. Starting immediately, I will hold regular community forums where we, as neighbors, can all get together and talk about the issues that the community faces and discuss ideas on how to address them before they become emergencies. 2) I will push to significantly increase attainable housing construction. We are in the midst of a severe housing shortage and face unprecedented growth in the next few years. The only way we can meet the challenges of that growth is to build enough diverse housing fast enough to have our supply catch up to our demand. 3) I will focus on reaching out to companies and organizations that can bring more high-wage jobs to the city and diversify our economic portfolio so that new residents and lifelong residents alike can have more opportunities to both live and work in Greeley.
Growth is the biggest challenge we face as a city going forward because it impacts every aspect of life in Greeley. With our population booming, not only do we need to ensure that our housing supply is in a healthy relation to our demand, but we need to build new infrastructure to service these new developments with the long-term in mind. We should also continue Greeley's strong legacy of smart investment in our water resources and couple that with investments in water conservation so that we won't feel the pinch as much the next time we have a drought. The city has thrived with our main industries being agriculture and natural resource extraction, but a more diverse, high-wage economy to provide residents with increased job options is also part of an intelligent, long-term investment strategy in diversifying our economic portfolio to meet the challenges of this unprecedented growth.