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Pueblo City Council At Large

There are seven (7) elected Pueblo City Council members who govern Pueblo. Council-members are elected for four-year terms in staggered elections. Electors will be selecting two Council Members At Large, who will serve a 4-Year Term expiring December 31, 2021.

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    Lindsay Reeves

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    Lucretia Robinson

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    Steven Rodriguez

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Background Small Business Owner
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I have never held a political office. However have ran a small business for 40 years specializing in various construction services. In my 40 years I have negotiated and executed contracts with the the DOD, Federal, state, county, and local Governments and various Corporations . It is my work for private citizens that I feel qualifies me to run for public office. When dealing with the public I had to listen to what their wants and needs were and deliver them a finished product on schedule and within a set budget. On some occasions my customers just knew they wanted change and what their budget for change was and relied on me to decide what would best suit them and trusted me to deliver a finished product that they would love, I never disappointed. I guess my ability to listen and understand what people want and use my best judgement to deliver on time and on budget, are what qualifies me to run for City Council.
I am running for City Council because I feel that even tho I am only one person I can make a difference and help move pueblo forward and get business taken care of. I plan on using due diligence, and researching every matter that comes before Council and using facts in my decision making. I feel that I will be able to work with the other Council members and the Mayor in order to deliver on the wants and needs of the citizens of Pueblo. As a City Councilman at large I would be representing the entire city. I would have only one agenda and that would be representing the interest of the citizens of Pueblo.
I think the biggest issue facing Pueblo is weather or not to take the Black Hills Energy off ramp. This has already become a very emotionally charged issue. I think that if it panned out like those in support of taking the off ramp hope it does it could be a big win for the city and the rate payers. However I feel that there are way to many unknowns and I think it is the preverbal crap shoot and I do not feel that we can afford to take such a huge risk at this time and start our own municipal owned electric utility. If I as a City Councilman were to vote to put it on the ballot we would need to have another utility company willing to take over for BHE and assume all of the acquisition expenses and all of the day to day operations and I would demand that all of the particulars be written into the ballot question. As the way thing stand right now I could not in good conscious vote to put the issue on the ballot.
I would like to see more cooperation among City Council members and more transparency, we really need to know how the tax payers money is being spent. I feel that if we ever were to go to the voters and ask for a tax increase we would need to show the voters that we are running an efficient Government and maximizing every dollar that the intrust us with. We need to take a look at how we are marketing Pueblo, I think we can do a much better job, we need to reach out to all businesses and find out if there is anything we as a city can do to help improve there business and help them grow, recruite and cement them in the community .
Contact phone 719-252-9443
Twitter @Linz034
My name is Lindsay Reeves and I am proud to be running for the Pueblo City Council At Large seat that is up for election this November. Pueblo is and will always be my home. It is where I choose to live. It is where I choose to work and it is where I choose to devote my time to serve alongside the citizens of this community listening, imagining and working to promote the passion and momentum currently present among so many organizations, businesses and neighborhoods.

Life is made of a series of little moments woven together to create a beautiful tapestry of perseverance, resiliency and determination. Coming from a family where my grandfather worked at CF&I and my papa worked his way from school teacher to principal to college professor, I have learned the value of hard work and having pride in a community that has given so much to my family and I. Being born, raised and educated in Pueblo has provided me with the tools and experience to carry on the tradition my family started all those years ago.

Early on, I learned the value of never giving up and being able to do anything I put my mind to even if it meant doing things a little differently. When I was three years old, I was diagnosed with a form of muscular dystrophy. While the specific form has never been identified, it has impacted the strength in my hands and legs making everyday tasks a little more difficult. This physical impediment has been a constant learning opportunity for me as I have maneuvered all of life’s twists and turns and it has allowed me to overcome many obstacles through hard work, determination and perseverance, something my parents instilled in me from a very early age. My disability doesn’t define who I am as a person. Rather, it allows me to see the world from a different perspective, has given me a platform to believe I can do good in the world and has pushed me to be caring and empathetic towards all people because you never truly know what someone may be going through.

After graduating from CSU-Pueblo with a degree in mass communications as well as receiving a Masters in Nonprofit Management from Regis University, I have been fortunate enough to work for numerous organizations here in Pueblo including Pueblo City Schools, Pueblo Triple Aim Corporation and Health Solutions, all who are committed to helping this community and its people. I currently serve as the Director of Early Childhood Programs at Catholic Charities, Pueblo’s Family Resource Center where I am responsible for developing a common vision through community collaboration to ensure children are ready to enter kindergarten and families have the resources they need. It is through this work where I have found my passion for giving back through servant leadership. I am also involved in numerous volunteer opportunities including serving on the Boards of Directors for The McClelland School and The Pueblo Latino Chamber of Commerce. The notion that together we are stronger than any one of us can be strong alone has become the cornerstone for my work both personally and professionally.

Through my work in the community, I have been the recipient of many recognitions, most notable the Hometown Hero Award in 2017 presented at the AMR Safety Jam and the 2017 Pueblo Heroes Award from the Pueblo Human Relations Commission. These awards serve as both a nice reminder of the path I’ve taken thus far, but also motivation to continue working towards the causes that have become so important to me. It is through this motivation that I find my next opportunity for impact by running for City Council.

I am committed to gaining knowledge about the challenges facing the city and the opportunities that lie ahead. I have listened to community members and community leaders every day, all who have shed some light on a different perspective of many of the same challenges. Because of these conversations, I am committing to challenging the process behind addressing these problems to ensure the response to them is comprehensive and identifies “root causes” of the issues. We will then work on them together and not individually. I am changing the way “we’ve always been doing things”. With 10 years of community collaborative experience and being a certified quality improvement advisor, I have the ability to use my skills and experience to be a problem solver of complex community challenges with an approach that challenges the status quo by “Breaking Barriers and Building a Future” Long before I decided to run for office, I have been with the community, part of this community, listening to the people in the neighborhoods. As a member of city council, I will ensure the community’s voice is heard, and I will see that it gets translated into effective policy to address community concerns with transparency and accountability at the core. I am part of a new generation of leaders looking at things from a new perspective to make Pueblo the best place to live, work and play.
We know what the issues are in the community, the process behind addressing these problems needs to be comprehensive and identifying “root causes” of the issues working on them together and not working on them individually. I am changing the way we’ve always been doing things.

In a position elected by the people, nothing is more important to me than listening and learning alongside the citizens of this community. I feel that it is my responsibility to be with the people of the neighborhoods and bring their ideas to city council. It is also my responsibility to be accessible, transparent and accountable to those same citizens to ensure a trusting relationship is built.

I have been deeply involved in this community long before I ever decided to run for office. The only way I believe we can truly impact change is through the building of relationships and trust. Being with the community is a key priority for me and something that I do daily. I attend as many events as possible, volunteer for numerous organizations and participate alongside citizens in various capacities. That will not stop when I am elected and I feel that in order to do my job as a Councilwoman correctly, I am willing to put in the long hours to ensure I am available and accessible to anyone.

I hear over and over from citizens in the community that change is needed in Pueblo. I can offer that change through the opportunity to think outside of the box and break away from the status quo. We need to be talking about the way in which business is done in the community and I have the skills to implement large scale community level change that is responsive to the needs as identified by the people being impacted by the decisions being made. I also have the experience to move from talk to action with proven results.
Background High school graduate. Continue education at PCC for Communication and Criminal Justice. VP for Community Correction , Was a Count appointed advocate for CASA , work as a volunteer for AVOCA. I had the honor to serve as a Chair for Affirmative Action Committee and Appointee from Governor Hickenlooper for HIV/AIDS Care and Prevention Coalition . Currently a Representative for Colorado Wins/ AFL-CIO , a member of the Latino Forum . Active State and National Campaigns, Volunteer, Member of First AME church and Troop Leader for Colorado Girls Scouts. Many other on-going comments.
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I am now a retiree from the Colorado Department of Corrections (27 years). I served as a chair of Affirmative Action Committee. Governor Appointee Colorado HIV/AIDS Care & Prevention Coalition, Vice President, Community Corrections Commission Board, Correction Treatment Board Member, Colorado Legislative Testimony, certified Instructor Colorado Dept. Corrections. (retired), Supervisor, Mentally Disabled Services, Collective Bargaining, Colorado State Employee Union/ Representative and Active Member/ Representative of Colorado Wins /AFL-CIO.
I am running for the City Council because I believe we must inform Image, Opportunities , and Solutions. I believe we have an obligation to our children futures and prosperity for our working families and build careers for both young men and women to become successful. I believe that Pueblo Image has become our way of life, but should this be what it's all about ? Crime, Drugs and Homeless people, I think not ! Opportunities: I believe that opportunities is great, but must be equal opportunity . It should be equal opportunity in education, small business ownership, man and woman, people of color, seniors, special needs, and LGBTQ, We have an obligation to our citizen in this community to find meaningful and respectful outcomes. I believe as a candidate for City Council I must be a advocate for the our law-enforcement officers, fire fighters, mental health workers, support workers dealing with over-crowed jail, support our unions, address affordable housing shortages, and dedication to and a voice for working families. I believe that Pueblo has a great amount of potential , and with the right businesses and right leadership, Pueblo could be a great hub. I desire to leave a legacy regarding our image: "Pueblo, a wonderful place to live."
My main three focus that I see Pueblo facing is: 1, Image 2. Opportunity 3. Solutions/ Results

Solutions:I believe we need not just solutions, but realistic results. We need businesses that will provide wages, benefits, and pensions so working families can retire with dignity, comfort and a respectful lifestyle. I believe that we need business that will help our community grow and be mutually beneficial to employee and employers. Our Community has elected a Strong Mayor for leadership and we must hold him accountable, but as a Council member I must also work with him and the other council members to ensure the people of this community we can once again speak of Pueblo with Pride! Solutions: Maintain accountability at every level of the city. Follow best-practices in community liaison policing. Retain our young men and women by providing an attractive work-force menu. Develop resources to rehabilitate people without homes so that they may live with dignity and respect and have a healthy environment for their children. Create public/private partnership for affordable housing. And last Develop a realistic plan with the Board of County Commissioners for the over-crowded jail; with alternatives for low-risk prisoners to decrease costs and jail census.
Change in our Community is required; improvement are needed. Pueblo, represents who we are and what we love. Pueblo Strong, Pueblo Pride. I believe we must learn to communicate and respect people and their positions. I believe that new leadership is needed and having a leader that will not shy away from difficult conversations . Leadership that will be accountable for their actions and stand for the people who put them there in that position. As a candidate I would like to see more unity within the City Council members and Mayor. I like to see follow-up with our citizens in our communities who attend meetings and have concerns for the City. As a candidate I would like to see our Mayor and City Council Government work in Solidarity!
Background A lifelong Pueblo resident I have owned my own business for ten years. Attending college to obtain my Psychology degree. I have worked in the insurance industry, loan originator in the mortgage industry and retail management. I have served on a Presidential candidates National Hispanic Advisory Committee, Vice-President of the largest Hispanic Conservative organization, have served on numerous state candidate political campaigns. I have served on numerous community boards and currently serve on several correction boards. I have been a CASA volunteer and have served faithfully in my church congregation for many years.
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Lifelong Pueblo resident. Business owner. Have served on numerous national and local boards. Community advocate.
As a lifelong Pueblo resident, I am familiar with the present and future challenges we as a community face. It is time to lead my community without fear or favor, with innovative progressive ideas, new fresh vision, bridging political divides and piutting our community first and foremost.
Our major issue is the tax and spend policies of our city government that have failed our city and its citizens. These failed policies have left us with a stagnant economy and have saddled future generations with debt. These failed policies have led to many depending on government for a living, helpless and hopeless. Drug dependency at an all time high, out of control crime and record homeless. Crumbling infrastructure, failing schools, high utility costs, out of control taxes, all a symptom of an unrestrained government.
I would like to see a smaller, leaner government that functioned within the Constitutional limits placed on it.A pro-business that has business friendly regulations and tax friendly environment that would be a catalyst for business growth for new and existing businesses that would increase revenues. Pueblo residents pay the highest taxes in the state and the tax first mentality mindset of council has worked in a negative manner slowing spending. A government prioritizing spending and concentrating on public safety, economic vitality and a cleaner Pueblo not only would increase revenues but promote a positive Pueblo image.
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Background Retired Hospice RN BSN 58 years old. Also a yoga/pilates instructor 30 years. BS Psychology, BSN Nursing, MS Nutrition Pueblo City Streetscape Board HSPPR advisory board Urban Renewal Board Pueblo Area Council of Governments President of Historic Pueblo, Inc. D70 Arts Board Advocate to eliminate sub standard housing
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I am a 58 year old retired hospice RN, BSN. As a hospice RN, I was in the field, which means I cared for dying patients in their home. In this career, working all day, every day, and many times all night. I observed every angle of Pueblo. Many homes were sub-standard Many homes were neglected and filthy, so much so that patients had to be removed in order to provide care. Surprisingly all had capable adult children living with the patient contributing to the neglect. Many folks are forced to live next to abandoned homes, where the environment had taken over with plants, rodents and people. Some are heroin dens, others dealing in various forms of criminal activity. Observing and living this daily, lead me to asking the question why? And now I stand before you today. As a citizen, I pushed for the international property maintenance code which defines sub-standard housing. Prior to this, Pueblo did not have a legal definition of sub standard. A blight committee was formed with myself and city managers to talk about this problem and how it was affecting our overall image problems and crime stats. I was prepared for the adult conversation. What I mean by that is speaking and facing truths. Speaking the truth, often strikes nerves. This is why many politicians stick with warm and fuzzy subjects. It’s much more appealing to the public, and less chance of being criticized. I suppose being a hospice nurse trained me to have those adult conversations, that many folks never want to have. And also taught the urgency of living. I was elected for a 2 year term on city council related to some recalls and resignations on council the end of 2015. I was elected serve 2016 and 2017. I accomplished a lot in those 2 years. Probably more than some in 12 years. Besides business as usual with council. Such as various funding, PEDCO projects, CDOT discussion. You know, stuff that would happen with or without me. I brought forth and passed many ordinances.

City Council members make $600 per month. So you need someone able and willing to put in the time to research and to vote intelligently. Anyone that follows council knows that I do my research. Just because the council chamber is full with a special interest group making demands, does not mean that they are speaking for the majority, nor does it mean they are right. You have to be able to avoid the noise, to know both sides. At the end of my 2 year term There was a little initiative on the ballot Called 2B. 2B was for 24 more police officers. I took ownership of this initiative as I pushed to make sure this was a single-issue. I knew it was much more important to have 24 more police on board that to run for re-election. I formed a campaign committee, raised money for signs, attended as many community meetings as possible to make sure this passed. In order to obtain growth with the population we want to attract. We have to have a clean, safe, city with good schools. Also as a nurse, I know Pueblo has difficulty recruiting doctors and nurses related to our image prolems. Code Enforcement is the Vanguard, the backbone to solving the issue. They need to be empowered and supported and they need more employees. Ordinances I brought forth and passed to give Code some more teeth are: Owner Occupied homes to follow the International Property Maintenance Code Abate Liens which normally stayed on the property for years are now due at tax time. Aggressive code enforcement which brings chronic offenders to court. Land Banking, which I don’t believe we have used yet, since I left council. And of course the ballot initiative for 24 more police. Other issues I take 100% credit for were Ballot initiative 2D which changed the charter to allow Design Build. Illegal to occupy median signs to address panhandling. Which is all I could get. More is needed. Removal of the dangerous bike lanes on 5th. City residency requirements for new city management. Our gateways street give an impression of what is on the other side. Think about flying into Pueblo, renting a car, and driving into our city for the very first time. What kind of assessments are you making along the way? I would be honored and grateful to serve the seat of the people as city councilman at large.

As a council member I accomplished much more than some have in 12 years. The Pueblo Chieftain also agrees that the blight issues have suffered without me on council for 2 years and we need someone willing to focus more attention and push this as priority of the city again.
There are many burned homes standing with missing roofs, doors, etc. These homes have been standing for years. It is highly likely that when the wind blows, asbestos is also randomly transported throughout the city. This is an easy fix with political will to negotiate with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. I have been working with Steve Gonzales, City of Denver, Asbestos Specialist and CDPHE extensively prior to council and also while holding office. We were getting closer to an affordable solution which would include the upmost safety to the public. These hazards need to be removed from our neighborhoods. Not only will this improve health and environment in our city, this will increase the economic situation of those forced to live near these homes.
I would like to see more priority of funds toward the improvement of the overall aesthetics which will enhance the appeal for family and businesses to move here. D60 has many problems. It has become inner city schools. Pueblo needs to be a clean, safe city with good schools to attract professionals and families. When a school district is failing the children, and affecting the economic development of of the city, there needs to be a liaison between the city and the district. Goals: To be one of the safest and most desirable places to live in Colorado. Help assist non-profits in finding new revenue streams without relying on taxes. Create the political will and resolution to take legal action on chronic vacant and blighted properties. Finalize resolution with CDPHE regarding demolition abatement regulations. Enabling the city to stay ahead rather than behind on dangerous building inventory. Goal oriented budgeting in place with proper allocation of resources. 25 more additional police officers, paid by a strong tax base. Citizens feeling more positive about their environment. Citizens having more confidence and satisfaction in city services.