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Lewis-Palmer School District 38 - District 5

Lewis-Palmer School District #38, has one open, 4-year term Board of Education Director position for District 5.

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In what ways have you been involved in public schools, and how will you address the most pressing challenges for your district? (100 word limit)

What will you do to ensure equity among schools in your district, accounting for varying needs of students and families? How do you ensure that the district's budget reflects these values? (100 word limit)

How do you balance school choice when encountering the challenges of changing enrollment? (100 word limit)

What role should the arts, STEM, athletics and workforce training play in public education, and how do you balance their funding?

How will you balance meeting the academic needs of students, and also meet their emotional/social/safety needs?

Background Matthew is a Colorado Springs native & has resided in Monument with his wife and five children and rescue dog, Max, for almost 10 years. Three of his children currently attend Lewis-Palmer schools, and in 2018, his oldest daughter graduated from Lewis-Palmer High School. Matthew obtained his Juris Doctorate from the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. Matthew then went on to earn his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Colorado. As a civil attorney, Matthew has practiced law for over 18 years. He is the recipient of numerous recognitions and awards, including being named as "The Top Trial Lawyers in America - Best Lawyer and Best Law Firm”, U.S. News & World Report. Matthew is recognized yearly by the Colorado Supreme Court for his pro-bono assistance. Matthew is passionate about our youth – so it’s with great satisfaction he can give back to our community by serving! In 2015, he was elected to the D-38 School Board and has served in various positions & most recently as board president. His notable accomplishments while board president include creating a balanced budget over the previous four years while overseeing the pay-off of all operational debt, improving financial transparency & data privacy, increasing local control and instituting high prioritization of teacher compensation each year in the annual budget, all while helping ensure Lewis-Palmer School District 38 remains one of the top-performing districts in the state and nation. Please see additional achievements below. In addition to his work on the school board, for the past 20 years Matthew has served in various scout leadership positions in the Pikes Peak Council, Boy Scouts of America. Matthew is currently on the Executive Board of this organization after having served as President and Executive Vice-President. In these positions, he actively oversaw approximately 11,000 youth and 4,000 adult volunteers. Matthew received the Silver Beaver Award which is presented by the National Boy Scouts and is the highest award that a local council can bestow on a volunteer for rendering outstanding service to Scout Youth. Matthew has been involved in numerous non-profit organizations, including United Way, Habitat for Humanity and the Boys/Girls Clubs of America. Matthew’s experience in serving the youth of our community is unparalleled! Matthew, as a native Coloradoan and an outdoor adventurist, enjoys mountain biking, road biking, water skiing, snow skiing, running, scuba diving, triathlons and duathlons.
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In 2015, I was elected to the LPSD38 School Board and have served as secretary, vice president, and currently serve as board president. Three of my children attend Lewis-Palmer schools. One challenge is to provide a top-notch education for every student with the scarce resources available and to ensure the best educators are rewarded for their success in supplementing the parental responsibility of nurturing children to become local, national and global stewards. I strive to provide complete transparency in the board of education’s deliberative process of creating policy to provide direction to district administration in achieving its goals.
One challenge is to provide a top-notch education for every student with the scarce resources available to a growing LPSD 38. However, because our district is smaller, we frequently review school needs and judiciously appropriate the necessary funds for each school, all while striving to maintain complete transparency. We also consistently and conscientiously review our budget and monetary expenditures in the district, providing this information on a routine basis to our stakeholders. The LPSD 38 Board of Education ensures insightful metrics of success and fiduciary responsibilities are understood, measured, reviewed and continuously improved.
I support and believe every student in LPSD, Monument Academy, or home-schooled should receive a top-notch education. Parents should be permitted to choose the school and educational path that best fits their child. We are also fortunate to have an award-winning District and charter school. D38 currently does not allow out-of-district choice-in for elementary and middle schools and Monument Academy has a waiting list because of our large enrollment numbers relative to school capacity. Monument continues to be one of the fastest-growing suburbs in the state of Colorado.
The arts and sciences are very important in public education. However, each child has unique inclinations geared for varied aspects of what can be offered in public education. While it is important that every child has exposure to a broad array of educational opportunities, there should also be enough depth of choice to focus on certain areas of greater interest by every child. Utilizing the feedback of our stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, parents & students, we tailor our school offerings/budget per each school community and their needs/desires.
Counselors and mental health professionals may not be a student’s initial confidant in that crucial first revelation of critical stress, thus we should equip educators on how to make a positive impact, foster an environment in which students have access to privately express their feelings, and nurture collaboration with parents. Our in-school counselors/administrators have received extensive training on identifying and helping at-risk teens. Our district is making great strides in promoting programs such as Sources of Strength, Safe-To-Tell, Kiwanis, RAD teen activities and community activities.
Background I grew up in small-town Iowa and moved to Colorado after college 15 years ago to pursue a career in Engineering. What I love about the Tri-Lakes area is that you’ll run into someone you know almost anywhere you go, much like the town where I was raised. I have a growing family with three spirited children. Since moving to Monument, I took an interest in school district matters. As my children become school-aged, that interest has grown into zeal to take action for the benefit of my children and my neighbors’. I believe the primary purpose of the school and its Board is to provide children the opportunity for quality education in a safe environment. Through delivery of education, we build future citizens, leaders, and our community. It takes dedicated staff – from teachers to transportation to maintenance staff – partnered with effective Administration and Families to make the education journey possible. In my leadership role as an engineer, I’m experience at deriving solutions to complex problems. Skills and strategies learned from my Master of Business Administration degree allow me the ability to bring projects from paper to life by leveraging tangible assets with the most valuable resource of all: people. The ability to foster ideas from theory to real-life solutions through collaboration makes it possible to achieve remarkable things. The future holds great promise. As our community grows, I believe that there are elegant solutions to intricate problems. These solutions require renewed perspective, innovative ideas, and a commitment to serve the community with a holistic approach: Students, Parents, Teachers, and Taxpayers. It's a future we can build with a balanced approach on a solid foundation...And I believe we can do it together.
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I’ve been a resident of this district for the last 10 years. I have followed school board activities for years, as I wanted to have an impact in the community for my children’s benefit. I believe I have a unique skill set as an engineer in long-term planning, project management, and cybersecurity to steer the district toward effective solutions, particularly in the area of balancing management of existing resources with growth in the community.
Partnering with parents and promoting open communication is the most effective way to ensure that schools meet the unique needs of students. Educating parents on available resources encourages families to express concerns or needs and to gain support. A school board relies on principals to communicate their school’s specific needs; it’s important to allow principals to continue to develop their school’s budget and allow the district to collaborate for an outcome that is optimal for that neighborhood school.
Public charters schools are one option among many in our district. Currently, the district also includes traditional neighborhood school options, private school, online public school, district-sponsored online school, home school, district supported home school enrichment, and concurrent college enrollment for high school students. I would support continuing the district’s existing efforts to afford families an education experience that meet their child’s learning needs best. Such “choices”, as listed above, create a natural balance for enrollment. A public charter school must follow state accreditation requirements and are accountable for their assessment results.
The district’s primary directive is to afford every student access to an excellent core education. This includes assuring academics are prioritized, including paying teachers what they’re worth and working toward attracting and retaining talented educators. D38 is fortunate to partner with active community supporters (booster clubs) and businesses to fund and sponsor specialty programming and collects fees as necessary from participants. Offering programs such as the arts, STEM, and athletics enhance a student’s overall experience and allow them opportunities to find unique social connections that enhance their sense of pride and belonging. I encourage funding for such programs wherever possible.
Promoting a culture of kindness and treating each other with respect is central to creating a positive environment for students and staff alike. The district must maintain open communication with families to identify students at risk. Adults must set an example for their students by examining their own conduct and communicating through action the importance of civil relationship building both in person and online. I support strong measures to deter mistreatment of staff or students and take appropriate measures to maintain building security.