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Manatee County School Board Referendum

On the Ballot in November: A referendum that would change Manatee County School Board representation from AT-LARGE, to SINGLE-MEMBER districts. Ballot title: Changing school board elections to single member representation. Ballot summary: "Shall the election of Manatee School Board member be changed to single member representation beginning in 2020, in accordance with and described in Resolution 2017-03?"Explanation: Currently, all five of School Board members are elected by all the voters in Manatee County, regardless of their districts. While school board members are required to live in their districts, they are chosen by all of the county voters during elections. The change proposed would result in each board member being selected or retained only by the voters who live in their district. Single Member Districts Pros and Con: Pro: * Board members may be more responsive to the citizens of their own district. * Elections will be less expensive for school board candidates, and may encourage more to run, since they will only have to campaign in their own districts. * It may be easier for a minority candidate to be elected. Con: * Voters will be only be able to vote for candidates who are running in the district in which they live. * There will be no one board member who is responsible for the School District as a whole. * There may be more competition among board members for resources for their own districts.

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure