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St. Louis County Proposition B

Simple majority required.Ballot wording: Shall the Charter of St. Louis County be amended to provide for the regulation of fund transfers within a department, as set forth in Exhibit A of Ordinance No. 27,145, on file with the St. Louis County Administrative Director and St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners?Summary: The proposed charter amendment would give the County Council the power to make supplemental or emergency appropriations from available income and reduce or transfer appropriations within the county budget. The charter now says the council can do that only if recommended by the county executive. The proposition also would require the executive to get council approval for transferring money within a department. County Council members who support the change say it would enhance the council's status as a legislative body and clarify its authority. County Executive Steve Stenger opposes the measure, saying it would reduce important checks and balances.

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure