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St. Louis County Proposition 1

Simple majority required.Ballot wording: Shall the Charter of St. Louis County be amended to provide for the regulation of campaign finance contributions, as set forth in Exhibit A of Ordinance No. 27,144, on file with the St. Louis County Administrative Director and St. Louis County Board of Election Commissioners?Summary: The measure, a proposed county charter amendment, would put a $2,600-per-election campaign limit on contributions by an individual or entity to a committee promoting a candidate for a county elected office. In addition, candidates would be prohibited from accepting a donation from any person or entity bidding for a county contract between 90 days before the county solicits a bid or proposal and 90 days after the contract has been awarded. Council supporters of the ballot proposition say the proposed new campaign rules would level the playing field for candidates, reduce the influence of large contributions and reduce the possibility of impropriety in the awarding of contracts.

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  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure