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Boulder County 5A Ballot Issue Burgundy Park Public Improvement Mill Levy Increase

Shall Burgundy Park Public Improvement District of Boulder County taxes be increased $40,000 (estimate for tax collection year 2019) and thereafter by the dollar amount produced from the levy of an ad valorem property tax imposed at a rate up to 16.597 mills, with the annual tax revenues (regardless of dollar amount) from such mill levy to be used for county road improvement purposes within the district; and, to accelerate the timing for construction of the road improvements, shall the district enter into a multiple-fiscal year obligation in the form of a no-interest loan from boulder county in an amount not to exceed $460,320, to be paid from the revenues of the tax described above and any other sources of funding legally available to the district; and shall the tax revenues described above, other legally available funding, if any, and the interest earnings thereon constitute a voter approved revenue change and an exception to the limitations set forth in Section 29-1-301 of the Colorado revised statutes or any other limits which may otherwise apply; and shall Burgundy Park Public Improvement District of Boulder County be organized, all as more particularly set forth in Board of County Commissioners' Resolution 2017-88? YES ___ NO ___
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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