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City of Louisville Ballot Question 2G

Shall the City of Louisville be authorized to provide high- speed internet services (advanced services), telecommunications services, and/or cable television services to residents, businesses, schools, libraries, nonprofit entities and other users of such services, either directly or indirectly with public or private sector partners, as expressly permitted by Colorado Revised Statutes §§ 29-27-101 to 304, "competition in utility and entertainment services," without limiting its home rule authority?Yes__ No__MAJOR PROVISIONS:If voters approve this ballot question, Louisville would be exempted from a State law (Colorado Senate Bill 05-152). With this exemption, the City would be permitted to: 1) establish business partnerships with private companies to increase the community’s access to broadband Internet, 2) opt to provide this service itself, or 3) develop a combined strategy. It would not prevent any private business, including existing broadband providers, from initiating or continuing to provide these services. As of 2017, 65 cities and towns have received approval from voters for similar ballot measures, including: Superior, Lafayette, and Boulder.BACKGROUND:Colorado Senate Bill 05-152 (SB-152) is a measure passed by the Colorado Legislature in 2005. Among other provisions, it requires local governments to secure voter approval before entering into the broadband business. Without such approval, the law limits the ability of Colorado cities to provide a wide spectrum of services, including:Free Internet service in City libraries, parks, and community centers (while these services are provided by most governments, they could be challenged by existing Internet access providers);High-speed Internet service throughout the entire community, by leveraging government infrastructure and partnering with private business; andDirect provision of broadband services by municipal government.Under SB-152, broadband, or “advanced service,” includes any high-speed Internet with capability of 256 kilobits per second, both upstream and downstream.
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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Those in FAVOR say: 1. Exemption from SB-152 would restore telecommunications and cable autonomy the City had prior to 2005. 2. Exemption permits the City to provide free Internet service in City libraries, parks, and community centers in a manner not subject to challenge. 3. This measure allows the City to explore options to make its assets available to serve the broadband needs of residents.
Those OPPOSED say: No organized opposition was identified. logo


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