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Dardenne Prairie Proposition A 7

Ballot Wording: Shall the city limits of the City of Dardenne Prairie, in the County of St. Charles, Missouri, be extended so as to embrace and include all that part of the County of St. Charles consisting of approximately 14.22 acres, with a street address of 7717 Hwy N, generally situated near the southwest corner of Hanley Road and South Outer 364, and as more specifically described in Ordinance No. 1874 of the City of Dardenne Prairie, Missouri? Summary: The City of Dardenne Prairie is asking to annex an area of 14.22 acres, 7717 Hwy N, on the southwest corner of Hanley and South Outer 364. It is within the city limits of Dardenne Prairie. The purpose of the annexation is to bring this unincorporated area into the city limits. There is no known opposition. This annexed area does not have any registered voters living in it so passage of this annexation will only require a majority vote in the city of Dardenne Prairie.
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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