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Chesterfield Valley TDD - Proposition T

Simple Majority RequiredBallot Wording: Shall the Chesterfield Valley Transportation Development District (herein called, the District) extend the duration of its current transportation development district-wide sales tax at the rate of three-eighths of one percent for up to an additional 15 years, such that the sales tax will expire no later than February 28, 2046, for the purpose of funding all or any portion of the Districts projects?Summary: The district wants voters to approve a 15-year extension of the current 3/8 percent sales tax currently collected by the Chesterfield Transportation Development District (TDD). The TDD was authorized by voters in 2005 to collect a 3/8 percent sales tax from stores within the Chesterfield Valley retail corridor along Highway 40. Though authorized by voters in 2005, the Chesterfield TDD was not founded until 2009. In order to provide transportation related infrastructure funding for the proposed Chesterfield Sports Complex, the TDD needs an extension of the 3/8 percent sales tax for 15 years. NOTE: Since there are no other issues on the ballot for the Nov.7 election, Missouri law allows a mail-in election. Ballots will be mailed to all eligible registered voters on or before Oct. 27 and voters will have until Nov. 7 to return them. Also, the voted mail-in ballots will not need to be notarized. Instead, each voter needs only to sign a statement to the effect that under penalties of perjury, the voter is entitled to vote in the election.
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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