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Chesterfield Valley TDD - Proposition P

Simple Majority RequiredBallot Wording: Shall the Chesterfield Valley Transportation Development District (herein called, the District) be authorized to fund and develop the following additional transportation project,certain transportation improvements related to an ice and multi-sport facility within the District (herein called, the Sports complex), including without limitation (a) an access road from Chesterfield Airport Road to the Sports complex, including any related traffic signal or other improvements to Chesterfield Airport Road at or near its intersection with such access road, (b) public parking lots within the Sports complex property, including parking spaces, drive aisles, paving, striping, curbs and related lighting, landscaping and irrigation, (c) land acquisition, settlement and transfer, including relocation costs, taxes,surveys and other professional fees related to such access road or public parking lots, (d)earth work, site improvements, soil testing, surveying, general conditions and supervision,signage, storm water drainage and water quality measures, soil stabilization and permit fees related to such access road or public parking lots, and (e) architectural fees,financing costs, environmental and other consulting fees, civil design and engineering fees, traffic engineer fees, reasonable development fees, construction staking and testing,soil borings and geotechnical observations, legal fees, and wetlands mitigation fees related to such access road or public parking lots (herein called, the Additional Transportation Project), and have the power to fund up to $7,000,000 of the proposed Additional Transportation Project upon separate voter approval of an extension of the Districts existing sales tax?Summary: The district wants to build a $22.6 million Chesterfield Sports Complex, primarily for hockey. Backers of the complex requested assistance from the Chesterfield Valley Transportation Development District (TDD) with funding for infrastructure features of the sports complex. In June 2017, the board of directors of the TDD approved sending the issue to a vote of residents who live in the district. Consequently, residents of approximately 133 households in the district will determine whether this infrastructure funding will be available. The boundaries of the Chesterfield TDD were drawn in 2005 to include portions of nearby subdivisions as well as commercial properties. If approved by voters, Proposition P would allow the Chesterfield TDD to provide $7 million for public parking areas, landscaping, lighting, earth work, utility work, signalization, signage, design, and professional fees, and related land acquisition and development costs for the proposed sports complex.Proponents say: The development of a sports complex by the non-profit Chesterfield Hockey Association (CHA) will fill a void left by the closing of Hardee’s Iceplex in Chesterfield. The CHA conducted an economic impact study that indicated the City of Chesterfield will benefit financially from the creation of a new sports complex because, in part, clientele of the CHA sports complex will pay sales taxes as they use the facility. This justifies the support of the Chesterfield Valley Transportation Development District (CVTDD) in the development of the CHA’s sports complex. Further, 95% of Chesterfield respondents to an unofficial survey indicated that they approve of CVTDD revenues being used to support the project.Opponents say:The Chesterfield Hockey Association (CHA) is a private, non-profit enterprise and it is inappropriate to invest taxpayer dollars generated by a special taxing district (the CVTDD) in a private venture. A private ice complex should not be subsidized by a transportation development district (TDD) because TDDs are meant to finance transportation improvements that benefit the general public.The closure of the Hardee’s Iceplex is a clear indicator that there is not enough consumer demand to justify investing tax dollars in a new ice facility. Further, there is little evidence that the proposed sports complex will have a measurable effect on the local economy because it would simply redirect economic activity that would have happened in some other form in the community. It is concerning that the Chesterfield Hockey Association has indicated that it has existing building in the southwest metro area under contract for use as an ice rink. Thus, the existing facility may compete with the proposed new facility for clientele. According to the laws that govern special taxing districts like the CVTDD, only 133 voters out of over 19,000 households will have an opportunity to vote on propositions P and T. Yet, every shopper in the Chesterfield Valley retail area will pay the special CVTDD sales tax. NOTE: Since there are no other issues on the ballot for the Nov.7 election, Missouri law allows a mail-in election. Ballots will be mailed to all eligible registered voters on or before Oct. 27 and voters will have until Nov. 7 to return them. Also, the voted mail-in ballots will not need to be notarized. Instead, each voter needs only to sign a statement to the effect that under penalties of perjury, the voter is entitled to vote in the election.
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