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Big Walnut LSD Levy

Shall the Big Walnut Local School District be authorized to do the following:1. Issue bonds for the purpose of constructing school facilities; renovating,improving and constructing additions to school facilities; furnishing and equipping the same; improving the sites thereof; and acquiring land and interests in land, in the principal amount of $108,000,000, to be repaid annually over a maximum period of 37 years, and levy a property tax outside the ten-mill limitation, estimated by the county auditor to average over the bond repayment period 6.6 mills for each one dollar of tax valuation, which amounts to $0.66 for each one hundred dollars of tax valuation, to pay the annual debt charges on the bonds, and to pay debt charges on any notes issued in anticipation of those bonds?2. Levy an additional property tax to provide funds for the acquisition,construction, enlargement, renovation, and financing of permanentimprovements at a rate not exceeding 1.25 mills for each one dollar of taxvaluation, which amounts to $0.125 for each one hundred dollars of taxvaluation, for a continuing period of time?
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    Yes - For the Measure Big Walnut LSD Bond/Levy

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Why is this levy necessary?

What will this levy do for the community?

What will happen if this levy does not pass?

The ballot issue includes a bond and permanent improvement levy. The bond allows Big Walnut LSD to build a high school and an elementary school. All elementary schools are already over capacity or very soon will be, and the current 7th-10th grades will not fit in the high school even if no new students move to the district. Still, the community is growing at twice the rate it was 5 years ago. Adding more trailer classrooms does not solve the overcrowding in common areas like cafeterias, hallways, and auditoriums. Remodeling existing school buildings is more costly than building one new high school and one new elementary. Also, five of Big Walnut's oldest buildings need more secure entrances ensuring visitors are forced into the front office before gaining access access to students. The Permanent Improvement Levy will fund maintenance expenses like HVAC needs, roof repairs, electrical updates, etc. Building improvement costs are draining money away from classroom/educational needs.
Passing this ballot issue will ensure tax dollars are being spent on educational needs for students, rather than inefficient temporary band-aids to solve the overcrowding issues. Big Walnut can immediately begin the cost-effective, long-term solution to build a new high school and new elementary school which will relieve the current district-wide overcrowding. This will also fund much-needed security updates and repairs to existing school buildings without draining money away from educational needs.
Failure of this ballot issue will negatively impact our students. Classroom sizes will increase even more. School common areas such as cafeterias, hallways, auditoriums, and restrooms will remain overcrowded. The district will have to drain its budget buying up to 67 more detached trailer classrooms. Long-term effects of the failure of this ballot issue would have a negative impact on real estate values, neighborhoods, and local businesses.
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