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The Kent Town Board is the legislative, appropriating, governing and policy determining body of the Town and consists of four board members, elected at large to serve a four year term, plus the Town Supervisor. Town Board members may serve an unlimited number of terms. It is the responsibility of the Town Board to enact, by resolution, all legislation including ordinances and local laws. Annual operating budgets for the Town must be approved by the Town Board; modifications and transfers between budgetary appropriations also must be approved by the Town Board; modifications and transfers between budgetary appropriations also must be authorized by the Town Board on the recommendation of the Town Supervisor. The original issuance of all Town indebtedness is subject to approval by the Town Board.
  • Paul E. Denbaum (Rep)

  • William Huestis (Rep) Retired as Director of Putnam county Office for the Aging after 33 years, Currently Deputy Supervisor/councilman in Kent

  • Jason Makely (Dem)

  • Candidate picture

    Stephen Papas (Dem) Director of Development

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What do you want to achieve as a member of the Town Council?

Define the challenges to achieving those goals?

How will you overcome those challenges?

What infrastructure upgrades will you work to accomplish while in office for your town.

What town services will you implement for consolidation of services with neighboring towns or the County?

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Campaign Phone (845) 225-2012
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Education Bach.of Science in Rec.Ed from Cortland State plus many ed programs, revenue management school from North Carolina Univ.
Bio 38 years of professional public service that includes many awards. Aging program in Putnam recognized as a rural model, Mgr, of County's Veterans Home-a model for America, etc.
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Improve Traffic Safety Concerns, Tackle the problem of over 100 Homes in Distress many Zombie defined, Attempt to address over 20 Hot Spots along the untraditional main street of route 52-311, keep town budget under tax cap, improve quality of life concerns, led effort to classify 10 lakes as a priority to gain review points for N.Y.S. Environmental Protection Fund, support a Lake Carmel Initiative of Improvements, West Kent Initiative ( that includes Pudding Street overpass on taconic state parkway,, Town Board meetings at firehouse, park amenities, road improvements) and a Kent First Initiative as it relates to outside attention and funding as we are taxed to the fullest. We have seen large amounts of funding initiatives going to other areas of our county. Consider Kent.
Main challenge is the considerable time to address priority issues. Rally the community, get business on board and tap our retirees with experience and expertise. Grant Eligibility challenges, Taxed to the fullest challenge, seek more-new commercial development, Address Nimby impact that many communities face, etc.
Network...take "I" out of the approach as "We" must take on challenges....involve active leaders who know that hard work and sacrifice can make a difference. (My past experience has done a few accomplishments that include formation of our first rural preservation company that has helped thousands in our county,) Addressing the request to formulate a County Veterans Home which has been a model for America (Mgr. for ten years).....Working on a Revitalization of untraditional main street with the hope of approval of an assessment grant which leads to additional funding.(Pending).
I have lived in my Town of Kent for over 60 years and public service is important as I learned from my parents Kentview Deli-Gas station years ago. The main street and some of its local roads nearby need a revitalization and alot more commercial development. As I write this a major proposal is in front of our Town board which can serve a catalyst to more development. Northern route 52 sewers is important.We must address a Lakes Initiative with the State to address many concerns. We are a town of lakes, we must find outside funding to tackle this, very expensive. No matter how you feel about Patterson Crossing our Town has been held hostage. our conditions have gotten worse over last 20 years and there is no shopping center built (Yet?)....Sewer on route 311 to protect our lake carmel is important. Our Town cannot afford to pay for any of our improvements as we are taxed to the fullest in my opinion. Kent First Initiative to actively pursue outside funding, public/private/in kind.
Assessor, Recreation, IT services and other possibilities need to be explored. It has been done before and please we need to include schools.
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Campaign Phone (845) 391-3635
Education Bachelor of Arts from SUNY Buffalo, Master of Public Administration from Pace University
Priority one for my hopeful first term as Councilman would be to get a planning grant for developing a downtown center on Route 52 using my experience as a grant writer. My next priority is to bring in funding to preserve our lakes. Lastly, I hope to be a representative for all town residents and get them assistance no matter if it is a town issue or not.
The biggest challenge to achieving my major goals is there is stiff competition when it comes to getting grant funding.
With over a decade of experience in the field of grant writing and government, I will use my experience to ensure our applications are top notch so that our small vibrant town gets noticed.
I intend to work with our Town Supervisor and Highway Superintendent to control runoff from our roadways and lake adjacent properties into lakes throughout our town.
In terms of shared services, pooling our buying power with overlapping and adjacent municipalities for equipment purchases, insurance, and even human resources are where I will be looking first to create local efficiencies in government. logo


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