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Virginia House District 7

The House of Delegates has legislative power, with the Senate, to enact laws. Delegates serve a two-year term and are eligible for reelection. The salary is $17,640 per year. A Delegate must be at least 21 years old at the time of election and be a resident of the district he/she seeks to represent.
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    Flourette Ketner (Dem)

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    Larry N. "Nick" Rush (Rep)

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What changes in Virginia's method of drawing electoral district lines (redistricting) would you support?

How would you ensure voting access to all qualified Virginians?

What are your legislative priorities?

education/Degrees I’m from the district, graduated in Floyd, and graduated from Radford University with a BS in English.
experience I am a Mother of 3 young children ages 3, 5, and 6 and currently reside in Christiansburg VA with my husband Mark Ketner.
hometown Christiansburg
I support appointing an independent commission to properly analyze the distribution of the population in the Commonwealth of Virginia without looking at their party affiliation or voting record. This will provide a proper, balanced drawing of the lines for the most efficient representation. I feel it is important to try to keep communities intact to avoid weakening the voice of a shared community that share the same struggles. We should avoid dividing communities since it is harder to be heard by multiple delegates and thus harder to solve issues the communities are facing.
I believe we need to make it easier to register to vote. Voter registration information should be automatically mailed when census reveals the amount of households with voting-eligible residents. Voter ID laws target members of the community and make it harder for them to be included in the voting process. This is not restricted to race but also includes age and those with difficulties obtaining proper photo identification. Absentee ballot information should be mailed out at the beginning of every year with the dates of upcoming elections printed to allow many to prepare their registration and understanding they can vote when they have difficulties with getting to a voting booth on time.
First and foremost, my priorities are reaching out to my community to provide the best representation. The community knows what it needs best and I want to understand what those needs are, research options to solve the problems, and to reach out to the community to help them have a better understanding of the legislative process and what we have before us and what we have before us and what has recently passed. This gives me the ability to help them better understand what I, as their representative, am intending to accomplish and what the real issues are that I will be voting on.
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