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Town of Patterson Town Council

Town of Patterson Town Council
  • Joseph P. Capasso (I)

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    Peter J. Dandreano (Rep) Councilman

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    Mary E. Smith (Rep) Assistant Supervisor of Transportation

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What do you want to achieve as a member of the Town Council?

Define the challenges to achieving those goals?

How will you overcome those challenges?

What infrastructure upgrades will you work to accomplish while in office for your town.

What town services will you implement for consolidation of services with neighboring towns or the County?

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Campaign Phone (914) 497-2120
Facebook @PeteForPatterson
Education SUNY Westchester Community College Westchester Police Academy
Bio Retired Police Officer Supervisor Health Quest Child Safety Program Safety Training Instructor Chairman of Patterson Republican Committee Trustee on The Mission Church Board Safety and Security Ministry Leader at The Mission Church Member of the Putnam County Traffic Safety Board
Endorsements Patterson Town Republican Committee Patterson Conservative Committee Putnam County Young Republicans Independence Party
I would like to continue what I have started. I would like to continue improving Emergency Services and Emergency Preparedness Plans, continue working to keep out Town Budget under the State Tax Cap, and continue to work with business owners to build their businesses and attract new business to Patterson. The biggest thing I want to achieve, is to make this Town a great place for my children to grow up.
Sometimes when you feel you did the right thing, and made the right decisions, people take it personally and attack your character.
I will just continue to do what I feel is right and what I feel is in the best interest of our residents. I try to attend many public events and talk to residents to hear what their needs and views are.
I would like to work on improving the water quality in the hamlet. Parking on front street needs to be improved as well, to attract new business. Working on the Putnam Traffic Safety Board, I will continue to improve the safety of our roadways.
We will be looking at contracting our EMS Agency with other municipalities that are in need of help. Our Highway Department works very closely with the County Highway department to share equipment and other services. I would like to see the Volunteer Fire Departments work together to share equipment and other services.
Campaign Phone (845) 406-7987
Facebook @MESforPatterson
Twitter @MESforPatterson
Education St. Andrew Academy,1981
Bio Assistant Supervisor Of Transportation for the Brewster Central School District. Mother/Grandmother. Homeowner/Resident of Patterson since 1990. New York State Certified 19-A Examiner. State Education Department Certified School Bus Driver Instructor. Key Player on the Brewster School District's Incident Response Team. Assists MV Transit (Putnam Transit) with Article 19-A record compliance for The Department of Motor Vehicle.
Endorsements Republican Conservative
As a member of the Town Council my goal is to provide all of the town's residents with the highest quality services, directed toward the community need, at the least possible cost. This includes providing responsive constituent services while maintaining the town's character and environment. I plan to support the local economy and programs for the citizens. While working as a team I will focus on the long-term interests of our community.
Having a realistic mind provokes me to believe my biggest challenge will be knowing not everyone will agree all of the time. Getting things done will not be as easy as waking up in the morning. Working together with others will achieve this goal. After all, that is what makes us a community through both the good and the bad.
Having an open mind is a unique quality in which I possess. This allows me to problem solve without my own personal bias. To overcome these challenges and achieve a resolution one must truly want to accomplish this. An open mind has always allowed me to to troubleshoot all issues at hand. This is what has made me so successful in my current position.
Upgrading is key to serving our Town or any area. Within my work experiences I continually look to accomplish a better way of communicating,working with my colleagues, and providing a foundation for which I can be successful within my organization. A good example of an upgrade in which I was the first to phase into my district was an integrated time and attendance management software.I continue to support the other buildings in their processes as they transition to the new system. I look forward to developing a keener sense of adaptability for the functionality of the town's forms and fees.
In my role as a Supervisor and proficient leader in routing within the transportation department, it is the New York State legislature through the Board of Cooperative Educational Services expectation of me to seek the consolidation of services within my neighboring districts. I have in the past and will continue to fulfill my obligation to arrange cooperative transportation agreements with Carmel, North Salem and Pawling School Districts.The objective is to save on fuel, mileage and staffing. When accomplished, the outcome is a rewarding savings for the taxpayer. It is most important to never compromise the safety and reliability of these services.I cannot zone in on any one particular service as I would need to evaluate all of the encompassing details of the provided services. I am also aware of the implementation of The Putnam County's Commision for Fiscal vision and accountability. I look forward to attending those meetings to gain more insight of potential shared services. logo


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