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Pueblo West Metropolitan District Ballot Issue 5C

Shall Pueblo West Metropolitan District be permitted to keep and spend the $116,488 in excess revenue it received in 2016 as a voter approved revenue change under Article X Section 20 (TABOR) of the Colorado Constitution and to exceed the 5.5% Property Tax Revenue growth limitation in Section 29-1-301 of the Colorado Revised Statutes and any other revenue limitation in state law.Funds would be used for the design and engineering of fire station 2 and Fire Department safety equipment with the understanding that such revenue would otherwise be directly refunded to the Colorado Special Districts Property and Liability Pool and the state of Colorado and to the owners of taxable real property by providing a one-time mill levy credit. Ballot Language:Dominion Voting Systems BallotSHALL PUEBLO WEST METROPOLITAN DISTRICT BE PERMITTED TO RETAIN AND EXPEND $116,488.00 IN EXCESS REVENUE RECEIVED IN 2016 AS A VOTER APPROVED REVENUE AND PROPERTY TAX REVENUE CHANGE UNDER ARTICLE X SECTION 20 OF THE COLORADO CONSTITUTION AND TO EXCEED THE 5.5% PROPERTY TAX REVENUE GROWTH LIMITATION CONTAINED IN SECTION 29-1-301 COLORADO REVISED STATUTES AND ANY OTHER REVENUE LIMITATION CONTAINED IN THE LAWS OF THE STATE, FOR THE PURPOSE OF FUNDING THE DESIGN AND ENGINEERING OF FIRE STATION 2 AND FIRE DEPARTMENT SAFETY EQUIPMENT WITH THE UNDERSTANDING THAT SUCH REVENUE WOULD OTHERWISE BE DIRECTLY REFUNDED TO THE COLORADO SPECIAL DISTRICTS PROPERTY AND LIABILITY POOL AND THE STATE OF COLORADO AND TO THE OWNERS OF TAXABLE REAL PROPERTY BY PROVIDING A ONE-TIME TEMPORARY MILL LEVY CREDIT?
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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• The funds would provide funding for the design and engineering for Fire Station 2 which will be needed in the near future due to significant growth in Pueblo West.

• Building a fire station in the designated area would significantly decrease home owners insurance rates in that area.

• The Fire Department has a $73,900.00 grant to provide self-contained breathing apparatus and gear.

• Without approval for this ballot measure the grant would have to be returned and other funding found, possibly from district reserves.

• The money has already been collected and is not a proposed tax.
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