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Pueblo City Ballot Issue 300

Dominion Voting Systems BallotThis is a citizens’ initiative which is intended to reduce crime and violence. It is asking that the City impose a .0025% tax rate increase for 10 years beginning January 1, 2018 and ending December 31, 2027. (This would mean $3.5 million for the first year, and whatever amounts are raised annually thereafter.) It is asking that the voters approve police and youth oriented community based programs to reduce violence and crime in Pueblo. The measure would include:* New and expanded grant based programs from prevention, outreach, intervention and targeting at risk youth, young adults and communities.* Funding for each program approved in consultation with national consultants and auditors.* Annual audits and assessments to ensure that all programs work to reduce violence and crime.* Establishing a citizens’ Pueblo Safety Advisory Panel, Program Director, Grant Manager and Grant Committee (for advisement)* Provide funding for training and salaries for an estimated additional 24 Police Officers including a “Community Policing Unit” of at least “10 Problem Solving Officers” who will work out of substations with 10 neighborhood “Councils on Crime Reduction and Planning.”* At least 5 members of a “Violence and Crime Reduction Unit.”* Provide quarterly accountability reports to City Council and annual community meetings to promote cooperation between Police and “Safe Pueblo” programs.Ballot Language:(TAX TO REDUCE CRIME AND VIOLENCE) SHALL THE CITY OF PUEBLO’S TAXES BE INCREASED BY $3.5 MILLION ANNUALLY (FIRST FULL FISCAL YEAR INCREASE) AND BY WHATEVER AMOUNTS ARE RAISED ANNUALLY THEREAFTER, FOR A TEN-YEAR PERIOD FROM JANUARY 1, 2018 THROUGH DECEMBER 31, 2027 BY ADOPTING ORDINANCE NO. 9145 IMPOSING A ONE-QUARTER PERCENT ($0.0025) CITY SALES AND USE TAX RATE AND SHALL THE CITY OF PUEBLO APPROVE POLICE AND YOUTH ORIENTATED COMMUNITY-BASED PROGRAMS TO REDUCE OVERALL VIOLENCE AND CRIME IN PUEBLO, TO INCLUDE NEW AND EXPANDED GRANT-BASED PROGRAMS FOR PREVENTION, INTERVENTION AND OUTREACH, TARGETING AT-RISK YOUTH, YOUNG ADULTS AND MOST AT-NEED NEIGHBORHOODS; WITH FUNDING FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL PROGRAM APPROVED IN CONSULTATION WITH NATIONAL CONSULTANT(S) AND AUDITORS, USING COMMUNITY ASSESSMENTS AND ANNUAL AUDITS TO ENSURE THAT ALL PROGRAMS WORK TO REDUCE VIOLENCE IN CRIME; AND THAT A CITIZEN’S “PUBLIC SAFETY ADVISORY PANEL,” PROGRAM DIRECTOR, GRANT MANAGER AND GRANT COMMITTEE BE IMPLEMENTED FOR ADVISEMENT; AND THAT SALARIES AND TRAINING BE PROVIDED FOR AN ESTIMATED 24 POLICE OFFICERS, TO INCLUDE FUNDING FOR A “COMMUNITY POLICING UNIT” WITH AT LEAST TEN “PROBLEM SOLVING OFFICERS,” BASED OUT OF SUBSTATIONS, TO WORK WITH TEN NEIGHBORHOOD COUNCILS ON CRIME REDUCTION PLANNING; AND AN AT LEAST FIVE MEMBER “VIOLENCE AND CRIME REDUCTION UNIT;" ALL WITH QUARTERLY ACCOUNTABILITY REPORTS TO COUNCIL AND ANNUAL COMMUNITY MEETINGS TO PROMOTE COOPERATION BETWEEN POLICE AND “SAFE PUEBLO” PROGRAMS PROVIDED BY FOR THIS ORDINANCE?
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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• It would help reduce crime in Pueblo. • It could improve relations between the Police and the Community.
• We should not limit the duties of new police officers who are hired. That is best left to Command Staff. This proposal is micro-managing the Police Department. • This proposal just sets up another level of bureaucracy in the form of audits and quarterly reports. logo


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