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Pueblo City Ballot Question 2C

Dominion Voting Systems BallotShall the City Council Establish a Street Repair Enterprise?A “street enterprise” is comparable to our municipal wastewater and storm sewer system. Those systems operate on user fees. The Street Repair Enterprise would also be funded by charging a user fee to each customer based on their use. A residential property would pay $1.00 per month. Retail properties that generate a lot of traffic such as a Walmart or McDonalds would pay a much larger fee based on the size of the lot the business is sitting on. A small business office would pay only a few dollars a month because the rates will coincide with the traffic impact the business has on the streets. Fees can change over time, but only with a public hearing on the proposed increase. This fund cannot be used to pay City employee salaries or purchase equipment. It can only be used for street repair and reconstruction.Ballot Language:(Street Repair Enterprise) Shall the City Council Establish a Street Repair Enterprise?
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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• Our streets are in very poor repair. This is a way to fix the streets without a sales tax, without taking money from the capital fund and with a very small contribution from each homeowner and small business. • This is a sustainable and reliable funding source to maintain our streets now and in the future.
• More information about the nature of the Enterprise should be provided. logo


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