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Albany Treasurer

The Treasurer is charged with collection, receipt, care, and custody of all taxes and other monies due the City, except as otherwise provided by law. The Treasurer is responsible for payment of all vouchers, claims, payroll and other authorized disbursements and is the City’s Chief Fiscal Officer. The Treasurer is responsible for investing City funds, maintaining records of all transactions and providing data to the public as requested. In addition, the Parking Violations Bureau, as part of the Treasurer’s Office, collects fines imposed by the Albany Police Department on illegally parked vehicles.4 year term Salary $98,483
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    Darius Shahinfar (Dem, Ind, WF) Albany City Treasurer

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    Roberta Sims (Rep, Con, Ref) Field Representative U.S. Census Bureau

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What have you done that qualifies you for this position?

If you are elected, what would you like to accomplish during your term in office?

Campaign Phone (518) 928-1374
Community Involvement Board Member: Underground RR Hist. Project; Albany IDA & CRC; Lark St., Central Ave. And Downtown BIDs. Former Board Member: Families Together NYS; St. Anne Institute; National Little League; Albany Law School. Equinox Thanksgiving transportation coordinator for 9000 meals.
Experience and Qualifications Bates College, BA; Albany Law School, JD; Attorney for NYS Local Govt. Committee, private practice, NYS Appellate Court 3rd Dept., Albany County (Deputy Co. Attorney). Regional Representative, Congresswoman Gillibrand; Albany City Treasurer.
Biography Raised in Utica in Upstate NY, I moved to Albany to attend Albany Law in 1994, where I met my now wife, Noelle Kinsch. After working in the NYS Legislature and Court System, I worked for County Exec., Mike Breslin, ultimately as the Deputy County Attorney. In 2004, I became more politically active, working on the John Kerry Presidential Campaign in VA. Upon returning home, I vounteered on Kristen Gillibrand's Congressional campaign, joining her office after her victory in 2006. I then became more active, running for office myself, as well as assisting several women running for office, including now Assemblywomen Pat Fahy and Carrie Woerner, now Mayor Kathy Sheehan as well as my wife Noelle, who was elected County Legislator. I then ran to replace Kathy Sheehan as Treasurer, where I have served since 2013. Noelle and I live in Albany, with our two children, Jackson and Ava who proudly attend Albany schools.
Occupation and Special Skills A lawyer by trade, I have been the CFO of the City of Albany since January 2014
Website, facebook page or other links, Darius for Treasurer
I have been the Treasurer for one term, so I am intimately familiar with the demands, qualifications, requirements and challenges of the position. The Treasurer is responsible for receipt and payments of City monies, and oversight of City bonding, the Parking Violations Bureau, and the receipt of taxes. I also sit on the City Business Improvement Districts and the City IDA and CRC.

Since 2013, we have implemented new software systems for accounting, parking ticketing and property taxes. We have increased parking ticket collections by initiating the Food for Fines program, and by sending delinquent parking tickets out to collection. Both projects raised approximately $800,000. We have also instituted payment of the collection fee by parking scofflaws, saving the taxpayer approximately $35,000 more. We also cut tax delinquency by approximately $800,000 and 400 properties in 2016, and finally we have saved the City about $1 1/4 million in interest by refinancing our bonds.
If elected, I want to continue our work implementing our new systems and finding new ways to utilize them to create efficiencies and find savings for the taxpayer. I also wish to create a system for parking ticket violators to perform public service in return for a reduction in their parking tickets. I also expect to be able to reduce my salary, as well as initiate a discussion about a charter change to eliminate the Treasurer's position as an elected position.
Campaign Phone (518) 432-9196
Community Involvement Current Member SHNA, American Patriot with Overpass America that support the US Constitution and rally with members for good and decent causes, former candidate for Albany County Legislator, Albany City Common Council and Albany Public Library Trustee. When my son was younger, I was President and Treasurer at St. Casimir Regional School PTA, Board and PTO member at Bishop Maginn High School and Team Mom at Krank Park Little League.
Experience and Qualifications I earned a Bachelor's degree with major in Business, Management and Economics from Empire State College '09, returning to college after 42 years.
Biography I am a single Mom of two Sons, ages 45&23 with grandchildren and a Fur Mom to two dogs. I returned to upstate NY in 1999 where I have held numerous part time jobs allowing me to put my youngest Son through Catholic Education. I have been a NYS poll inspector for 4 years.
Occupation and Special Skills Have worked as Reservationist for Delta Airlines, Intern and Office Manager for NYS Assembly, Office Manager for HVCC Satellite office, 175 Central Avenue, Pre-K aide/substitute teacher for Roman Catholic Diocese and night shift person for Stewart Shops and Cumberland Farms. Employee of US Census Bureau as Enumerator 2010 and Field Representative for American Housing Survey 2017. Have proficient computer skills and excellent research skills
Website, facebook page or other links FB: Roberta Sims, Treasurer, City of Albany
In the past I have been responsible for large sums of money, based on the type of employer. I have worked for organizations that demanded confidentiality, accountability to constituents and managed small staffs. The most important jobs I have held, were with managers who have shown me how to delegate responsibilities while being a hands on person. I have always been attentive to detail, following policies of employers and vigilante of documents to keep proper records and be sure that all staff is working to their full potential.
When elected, I plan to move the Treasurer Department forward in a accountable and transparent manner. I will be promoting from within and cross training staff so they are aware of all facets of the department. The Treasurer's department is salary top heavy with administrative positions; I will research the need for titled positions and incorporate duties to current staff and offer them a salary to compensate for new job functions. As a appointed member of Decision making Boards: IDA, CRC, Board of Estimates and BID boards, I will make sure the decisions for projects are in the best interest of Albany Citizens. logo


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