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Albemarle County School Board Samuel Miller District

The Albemarle County School Board and the Superintendent are bound in a partnership of mutual trust and vision. The School Board and the Superintendent are responsible for selecting the results that the school system should be pursuing. Together, the School Board and the Superintendent take primary responsibility for ensuring the Albemarle County Public School Division is an effective school system.
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    Graham T. Paige (I) Retired

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    Julian D. Waters (I) Student and Part-time Deli Worker

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What policies or programs would you advocate to close opportunity gaps among children in your division and to establish greater equity and access to learning resources for all students?

What steps would you take as a school board member to return state aid to previous levels to provide for more of the costs of local education to be paid from a more diverse tax base than simply local real estate taxes?

For more than 25 years, the way in which student academic performance is measured by the state has been Standards of Learning (SOL) tests, often multiple choice and taken for a few hours on one day. Recently, the state has suggested it might consider other ways in which to measure academic performance. This could include completion of special projects or student portfolios of their work over several years. Would you favor the end of SOL testing in favor of alternate assessments like completion of special projects or student portfolios of their work over several years? What is the best way to measure student academic performance?

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Biography Graham, a native of Albemarle County, has a Bachelor of Science degree from Hampton University and Master of Education from UVA. He taught in Albemarle County schools for 25 years. Graham is active in church and civic activities in the community.
One solution can be found by pursuing programs like the SEAD team included in the 2017-18 school board budget. The team will address social, emotional and academic development problems that prevent some students in the urban ring schools from capitalizing on all opportunities that our system provides. Solutions for closing the gap that are discovered by the SEAD team can be implemented in other schools. Also, staff can take culturally responsive teaching professional development courses.
A good working relationship must be established with our elected state officials-the governor, state senators and representatives. These officials must be "taught" about the vital role of our public education system in creating a strong economy and improving the socio-economic status of all of our citizens. Elected state officials must be made to realize that funds that they appropriate for teacher salaries and supportive services will dictate the effectiveness of our public schools.
A portfolio of a student's work could be compiled over the time spent in our school division. Another alternative could be to access how effective our students perform while serving in apprenticeships in the community. The apprenticeship might be in an educational, research or industrial environment but the effectiveness of our division's instructions can be measured by seeing how well students perform in the situation. Changes in behavior or work habits could be measured or monitored.
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Biography Julian Waters is a recent graduate of Western Albemarle High School. He has worked with Albemarle County for years as a student advisor. Julian is currently taking a one-year deferment of admission from Old Dominion University.
I am a strong advocate for the expansion of public preschool. By providing high-quality public preschool to all students we can begin to close the achievement gap from the root. Students enrolled in preschool show improved academic, social, emotional, and physical capabilities that will serve them well beyond their life in the public school system. Additionally, the advent of Culturally Responsive Teaching in Albemarle County will allow us to establish greater equity and access on a human scale.
As a member of the Albemarle County School Board, I will make every effort to work with our state legislature delegation to find shared areas of interest between the state legislature and the School Board. On these areas I will urge our delegation to increase state funding, and thus increase shared fiscal responsibility.
The Profile of a Graduate (The Virginia Department of Education's new graduation requirements) is already being used by Albemarle County to reform and expand options for confirmed credit. I favor ending the current SOL system, but I firmly belief that there is no 'best way' to measure academic performance. That is why we must use a number of metrics, including, among other options, student portfolios, final projects, AND traditional tests to assess the performance of each individual student. logo


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