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Portage Co. Issue 17 Streetsboro City Charter Amendment – Emergency ordinance or resolution

Amendment to Section 4.14 to provide that an emergency ordinance or resolution that receives a simple majority affirmative vote, but less than a supermajority of 75% of the Council, will be deemed to have passed as if it had no emergency clause. The charter provides that an ordinance or resolution without an emergency provision requires a 30-day waiting period before becoming effective. An emergency ordinance or resolution becomes effective immediately if it receives a 75% affirmative vote of Council. This amendment would allow an emergency ordinance or resolution that receive a majority of affirmative votes but less than 75% to be considered a non-emergency ordinance/resolution and to become effective after the 30-day waiting period. (Ballot language, Charter and Final Report of the 2017 Streetsboro Charter Review Commission)
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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