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Portage Co. Issue 16 Streetsboro City Charter Amendment – Abolish block voting for at-large Council members and change the dates the Mayor and Council members take office

Amendment to Section 3.01 and 4.02 to abolish block (group) voting for at-large members of City Council, to provide that at-large seats on City Council shall be separate elective offices, and to establish that the Mayor, Members of Council elected from wards, and one member of Council elected at-large shall take office on the 15th day of December following their election, while the remaining two members of Council elected at-large shall take office on the 16th and 17th of December, respectively, following their election.With the current block (group) voting system for at-large council members, candidates file for the primary election. If there are three seats available, then a primary is held if seven or more candidates file. In May 2017, there was no primary since only four candidates filed for the three at-large seats. Those four candidates advanced to the November general election. Two write-ins have also filed. The candidates receiving the three highest vote totals in November are elected. The proposed amendment would create three separate at-large seats. Candidates would have to specify the seat they are running for when they file their petitions. Each at-large seat would have a different start date (December 15, December 16, December 17).The charter currently states that the Mayor and Council members take office 5 days after the election results are certified by the Board of Elections. The proposed amendment would change that date to December 15 for the Mayor, Council members representing Wards, and one of the at-large Council seats. The other two at-large Council members would take office on December 16 and December 17.(Ballot language, Charter and Final Report of the 2017 Streetsboro Charter Review Commission)
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