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The Louisa County School Board believes in having open communications with the community it serves. Therefore, contacting board members is highly encouraged. From voicing a concern or making a suggestion to asking a question or sending a note of appreciation, the School Board makes an effort to address the educational needs of Louisa County.
  • Gregory Strickland (I) Healthcare Administrator

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Would you favor the end of SOL testing in favor of alternate assessments like completion of special projects or student portfolios of their work over several years.? What is the best way to measure student academic performance?

What policies or programs would you advocate to close opportunity gaps among children in your division and to establish greater equity and access to learning resources for all students?

What steps would you take as a school board member to return state aid to previous levels to provide for more of the costs of local education to be paid from a more diverse tax base than simply local real estate taxes?

No single metric can definitively measure every student's performance. While I am supportive of reducing the significance of SOLs I think it should used with project based assessments (PBAs) . Each student's learning style is different so a combination of metrics should be used to measure performance. The Virginia Department of Education is currently moving to PBAs . Local school boards should play an active role in developing the metrics.
Our job is to prepare students to be active and contributing members of society when they graduate. They accomplish this by joining the workforce , the military, or attend and graduate from college. Therefore, school boards should continue to provide programs that prepare students to help them be successful in one or more of these pathways.
First , each school board must show that it a good steward of citizen's taxes. We should be transparent about our costs and demonstrate our desire to provide the best education at a reasonable cost. Then, we should work through the VSBA to show our performance and costs compared to other states to make a compelling argument for additional state funding. logo


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