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Olmsted Falls Mayor

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $54,829Incumbent Anne Marie Donegan is being challenged by James Patrick Graven and Stephen M. Hoca.Since 1972 Olmsted Falls has been governed as a charter city and operates under a Mayor/Council form of government. The system combines the political leadership of elected Council members with a mayor who serves as the city's chief executive officer, safety director and economic development director.
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    Ann Marie Donegan Mayor

  • James Patrick Graven

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Why are you running (or running again) for mayor or a seat on City Council?

What do you hope to accomplish while you're mayor or on City Council--for your ward or for your whole city?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing your community? And, if applicable, your ward?

Age 56
Education Fairview School of Nursing, R.N. Baldwin Wallace University
Current occupation Mayor, CEO of Olmsted Falls Registered Nurse
Qualifications for office Proven leader with a high degree of administrative expertise.I have the strategic planning/vision to make things happen and the team to implement.As an RN who also had her own consulting firm, I am a multi-tasker, organized and a sound negotiator. Lived in the community of 25 yrs,councilwoman for 10 yrs, Park and Rec Board member and Chairman of the cemetery board.
Campaign Phone (216) 390-2369
Email address
Twitter @electannmarie
I have a passion for public service and a passion for people. I have a great team of competent, caring professionals. Frankly we need to continue the momentum of progress and build on our successes.During my 3 1/2 yrs as Mayor we completed much; i.e. neglected infrastructure projects such as 2 news bridges, updated water lines, installed a turnpike noise barrier, built a grant funded senior center, initiated a new community paramedicine pilot - all grant funded which will re engineer and re purpose paramedics all to enhance the quality of life with our senior population and bring in a new revenue stream - CCF/Fairview and Southwest General are partners on the project, built a new service garage under budget without raising taxes, brought in over 10 million in grants, repaired and replaced new roads and sidewalks, regionalized dispatch services,completed a new master plan which we were recognized by the national/state planning association, received the Auditor of State Financial award for sound financial practices - 1st one ever, reformed the police department with new leadership and a high degree of accountability, brought in 4 new business in city owned buildings that were dilapidated, re energized the business community and Columbia Road corridor, new leadership in the Fire department, reformed the building department increasing customer service and adding a new revenue stream, completed new roof on city hall without raising taxes and paid off debt WHICH has REDUCED taxes.
Continue to advance economic opportunities which will continue to stabilize our taxes, we maintain the philosophy of doing more with less. Other projects on the books for development include - Working with the YMCA to bring recreation to all ages, enhancing senior services, connecting the Metro parks to Olmsted Falls parks, pedestrian friendly renovation of the Columbia road corridor to connect Sprague road to downtown Olmsted Falls, continue to work with the owners of Drug Mart plaza to refresh their appearance, continue to develop the land within our community, continue to enhance the JEDD (Joint Economic Development District) which will enhance development outside our borders. Continue to make certain that we do whatever it takes to maintain a customer service friendly response in any issues. Continue to hold the railroads and airport accountable(noise and traffic). Making certain we utilize their tax dollars wisely - a good example of what that means is that the city has all updated all technology; phones copiers, wireless services, server, all advances in technology at a REDUCED monthly cost. Continue to advance all infrastructure projects such as culvert repairs, roads, water lines, sewer connections. Increase our City events portfolio. We have accomplished many things and we are looking forward to continuing our progress - that is professional leadership. A government for and by the people - rooted in the community and a proven commodity of success.
Our challenges continue to be financially oriented; doing more with less. Just before taking office the city lost a general fund levy renewals and had also been made aware of local government fund state cuts. This affected our revenue stream by approx. 400K. We have been very successful obtaining grants/outside funding, in 3 1/2 yrs we have received over 10 million in outside revenue. Implementing reforms in all city services to make certain that we continue to increase the quality of service delivery. Obtaining outside funding for road repair, we collect 250K annually and we could easily use 1.2 million per year - this is a daunting task. Working with the federal and state rail authorities and the railroads. Monitoring airports operations and keeping lines of communication open with the City of Cleveland. Establishing mixed use development with a new zoning classification to enhance housing and small business opportunities within the city. Expanding on the Olmsted Falls brand within the greater Cleveland communities to bring tourism and business to the businesses. Working collaboratively with neighboring communities to implement/ enhance public services and streamline costs (e.g.Southwest Regional Dispatch, Radio COG, Mutual Aid services). Work collaboratively with neighboring communities to implement the JEDD (address sewer issues with the JEDD), recreation and senior services.
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