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Salida School Board Director R-32 At Large

This is the only contested Salida School District R-32 race for 2017. It is for a new At Large position.
  • Loraine Isenberger English, Social Studies teacher junior high, later Alternative High School

  • Jeannie Peters pediatric physical therapist

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Why are you running for school board and what are your qualifications?

What are the most pressing challenges the district should address this year and how will you address them?

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I served 3 years when the elected official resigned her position and I was appointed. I have taught school and have done workshops for teachers on the teaching of writing. I served at least one full term on the District Accountability and a partial term under John Rouse during his Superintendency. I think there are questions from people my age which can be relayed and answered by me.
The board has already identified the most pressing matters which we will deal with. The first is the school bus barn which we have been working to see it completed. The school district also has property in Poncha Springs, and we may need more clarification on the building contracts to be signed in the future . We will be building duplex housing at reasonable prices. And we may need to further clarify the internships of our students who will be working on these buildings as part of their course of study for graduation.
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Mailing Address 1127 i St
Salida, CO 81201
Contact phone 719 221 5768
Background Jeannie was a pediatric physical therapist for twenty-eight years working with children and their families. She has worked in rural communities in Oregon and northern New Mexico. Her client population included prematurely born babies through High School age kids. Throughout that experience she has learned that given a supportive environment children have a deep motivation and capacity to learn and thrive. Much of her career was spent in pre-schools and schools. This interaction within school systems gives her a unique perspective into ways to enhance student, family and school engagement. She is thoughtful, practical and fair. Jeannie has a history of respecting all people and is a responsive team player. Her major focus would be to continue the success of the R 32 J School System
I am running for R 32 J School Board to bring my unique perspective to the policy making for our students. It is time for me to give back to the students, families and our community in a volunteer position.
How do we maintain policy and actions, particularly financial management, that keep us on the track that has lead R 32 J to the high quality it now exemplifies.

The growth of our area has and will have a tremendous effect on our School District. Enrollment is up and we are near capacity in our classrooms. The Board of Education will need to address the many challenges stemming from this growth.

One of those challenges will be how to attract and retain quality personnel in all areas of expertise and departments of the District.

We need to focus on ending bullying, not just to make the school experience better for everyone, but to help create adults that understand how to interact with each other in a positive manner. logo


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