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    Dustin Nanna Homemaker/Personal Care Professional

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    Carolyn Riggle Delaware City Council At Large

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    Kent Shafer Council Member

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What motivated you to run for election and what personal skills do you bring to Council?

What do you see as the single greatest challenge for your constituents and how do you propose to meet that challenge?

What are your hopes for the future of your community?

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I was motivated to run when City Council placed a permanent income tax increase on the ballot last year for "The Point" and other road maintenance. I would much rather see a temporary levy that we can renew for such a project. Another reason that I made the choice was to represent a section of folks that I feel are sorely underrepresented with the current makeup of Council. Those folks would be young professionals and adults who grew up in the community and are now entering the workforce. As a young adult myself who has lived in Delaware since a very young age, I want to see Delaware continue to grow and thrive, just as it has during my 17 years as a resident. In my private life I work with the developmentally disabled. Working with DD individuals has taught me a great deal of patience and people skills. These are both attributes that I think would serve well on City Council. In addition I would make a great advocate for DD folks here locally.
I think the greatest challenge facing Delaware is how to keep growing without falling off of lists like Money Magazines Top 100 places to live. We should avoid raising income and business taxes as much as possible, as to attract new families and businesses to our community. As our city becomes more diverse we should remain vigilant and make sure the needs and wants of our citizens are being met. Fortunately this is a good problem to have and it is precisely why I am running. Government best operates when all levels and ages of society are represented.
I hope to see Delaware remain one of only a handful of counties in Ohio that sees population growth. I hope to see new businesses move here, and for new families to move in and send their children to Delaware City Schools, St. Mary's, Delaware Christian, etc. I want Delaware to continue to explore the DORA program and expand it to model Canton if it is a success. I want to continue to see major events bidding for Delaware as a host city. Most of all I want the citizens of Delaware to prosper and to feel like this is the best place to do so. I want to grow old and age in place here. This is my home and I love it!
I have served on City Council for 14 years and I would like to be re-elected to Delaware City Council At Large. As citizens of Delaware, we deserve services on par with communities throughout Central Ohio. In order to provide these services, it is imperative that City Council uses your tax dollars wisely. The City must operate with a balanced budget and continue to build upon our success. I know that I can continue to do a good job for you because I’m out in the community every day listening to what citizens have to say. The most important job I’ve ever held is being a Mother and Grandmother. Delaware is the right choice for my family and I want to keep Delaware the right choice for yours. Your vote will provide me the opportunity to be your eyes and ears at the City and together we can continue to be in the best place to live, work, play and just be happy in the City of Delaware.
Our road system,from maintenance to outdated intersections, traffic signal patterns and parking, the roads have struggled to keep up with our explosive growth over the last 20 years–and it doesn’t look to be slowing down. We have added so many miles of roads, which leads to more roads to maintain, while our source of funding keeps dwindling as the State continues to cut local government funds to keep their budget balanced. With the cost to repair, repave or replace never stop rising, this is a big challenge. Staff has managed to keep the main roads in decent shape, it is the neighborhoods that need attention, as well as 36/37 which go right through our City carrying commerce which adds to the deterioration. .Establishing new connector roads will cut down on our fire and EMS run time and eliminate heavy traffic during peak hours. Our traffic signals are all run by outdated computers.The only answer I see is listening to the citizens and together work towards a levy we can all live with
I want to see Delaware continue to grow as long it is a smart growth, not just $200k -$400k houses being built, we need started homes for our young adults wanting to buy their first home and not go into so much debt while starting their families, we need to keep them here in Delaware. We need to also have more ranch and smaller homes as folks retire and want to downside. I believe we also need to concentrate on bringing more jobs here, right not we are too much of a bedroom community to Columbus and Union Counties. Delaware should be THE place to live, work, and play!
Since Delaware is a very diverse community having many cultures within its city limits, I felt a need for more representation and diversity on the City Council; I would personally bring a visible representation of other cultures in our fine city. Having lived most of my life in Delaware, I have used my ability to communicate with the people, understanding their needs and desires. I have been a part of implementing programs that are beneficial to the improvement of successful living within the community. This includes having served on several boards and committees: United Way, Habitat For Humanity, SWCI, Urban League, MLK Jr. Committee, Boy Scout Committee, Curriculum Councils, and UNCF.
The single greatest challenge for my constituents is to insure that all diverse cultures in the city of Delaware have representation. Firstly, representation of diversity in business. The council be more supportive and proactive in bringing in more minority business opportunities, which represent our diverse community; these should include department stores, grocery stores, restaurants, and other facets of business for the revitalization downtown area. Secondly, to be more aware of the problems that various cultures face in every day living. These challenges can be met with council members being more visible in all sectors of the community of Delaware, perhaps by being more involved in Community events and affairs, that might render more opportunity for rapport with the community and their needs. This would implement much needed programs for our young children and teens to become involved with, whereas now they have little to no structured activities, as I had when I was growing up.
I hope, as a Council, we all work together as one to address the needs and advancement of our culturally diverse community in this chaotic world. It is also my hope to see my grandchildren and this whole generation experience a life of security and comfort, having an upbringing to insure their children are afforded the same. It is my hope that we can go downtown and shop for any thing that we need; have true bicycle-only lanes; stricter enforcement and police presence in all communities; have more shelter and housing for the homeless; affordable housing for middle and lower income citizens of Delaware; activities for our youth to avoid the lifestyle of the streets; to know that my voice is heard; and I, as well all cultures will truly be represented...
Upon my retirement from the Columbus Division of Police in 2012, after 33 1/2 years of service, I wanted to use my education and experience to serve my home town of Delaware. In terms of experience, I served 18 years as a Commander at CPD, overseeing hundreds of personnel, and managing important operations, including a budget of over $180M. My educational background is in Engineering, Business Administration, and Public Administration. I have also operated a small business for many years. Since my election to City Council in 2013, I have worked collaboratively with my colleagues on Council to address a number of important issues, including the Sawmill Parkway extension, downtown parking, economic development, and others.
As Delaware continues to grow, we need to be able to keep pace with our transportation infrastructure. This involves maintaining current roadways, and expanding our transportation network to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion. I chair the city's Public Works/Public Utilities Committee where we regularly examine the conditions of our streets and the needs of our overall transportation network. Resurfacing older roadways and building new ones is an expensive endeavor. I also serve as the city's representative to the Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC). We were able to secure a multi-million dollar grant to help the City of Delaware make much needed improvements to "The Point". In order to meet our ongoing transportation needs, we are making plans to work with our citizens to identify their priorities when it comes to streets and roads, and then to identify necessary funding to make the improvements most important to our citizens.
I believe Delaware is a great place to live, work and raise a family. Keeping up with the demands of a growing, dynamic, city requires that elected officials stay in touch with their constituents, collaborate with other elected officials county-wide, pay attention to trends, plan ahead, and make informed decisions on every issue that comes before them. My pledge as a Delaware City Council Member over the past four years has been to insure Delaware City Government is dedicated to the best financial management of citizens’ tax dollars and to providing exceptional service. We have made great progress. I am committed to continuing to work for the citizens of Delaware to make sure we grow responsibly and keep our city a great place to live, work, and raise a family. logo


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