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Salida City Council Ward 1

The City Council is elected to serve four-year terms. Individuals to fill positions vacated before the end of the term or for which no candidates chose to run are appointed by the seated council to complete the remainder of the term.The City Council and the Mayor work together to create ordinances and laws for the City. There are three wards in the City of Salida and two council members represent each ward. City Council appoints and directs the work of the City Administrator and is responsible, by a majority vote of all members, for appointing the City Attorney, Municipal Prosecutor and the Municipal Judge.
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    Monika Griesenbeck (N) retired

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    Daniel Shore (N) Financial Management

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If elected as city council, what are the three issues you would like to have the city address?

Background Bachelor of Fine Arts University of Texas at Austin, 1976 Worked as Illustrator/art director for various companies Owned 'S' corporation Chaffee Transit, Inc. Served on Salida city council 1998-2000 Creator of cartoon strip'South Ark Funnies' for Colorado Central magazine Served on Salida Citizen's Forum and Citizen's Deer Task Force
Contact phone 539-4139
1. Resident and elector of this city for 39 years 2. Have an understanding of how reperesentative government works 3. Salida City Council, 1998-2000, Chaired Finance Committee and Public Safety Committee 4. Knowledge of the Salida Municipal Code and Colorado State Statutes 5. have an understanding of Robert's Rules of Order 6. Advocated for a 'user friendly' city budget
Fiscal Responsibility Keeping the public's business in public Economic diversity
Background My wife Jill, son Gunnar, two dogs and I moved to Salida from Chicago in 2010. What attracted us to Salida were the community, its small-town character, and access to the great outdoors. We are immensely grateful to have the opportunity to live here. Since moving to Salida I have continued working in financial management. Recently I celebrated my thirty year anniversary in business. I am at a point in my life where I want to shift my focus and priorities to be far more community- based and service-oriented. I believe Salida is at a turning point in many ways, and personally I view being a council member as a great way to contribute to this great community.
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Contact phone (719)221-6384
- 30-year career in financial management

- Vast experience in strategic management and communication

- Ability to bring together people from various backgrounds and perspectives

- Active volunteer participant in community policy issues

- Active member of the community, including a supporter of many nonprofit and community initiatives

- Youth mentor for a decade
- Affordable housing. This is one of the most important issues facing Salida. Jobs and housing go hand in hand. I will champion the issue and emphasize a collaborative process between the city, county, housing authority, NRCDC board, and developers, while seeking public input.

- Economic development. Addressing the challenges facing both the tourism and non-tourism sectors is critical for Salida. I will work closely with local businesses to identify priorities, challenges, and opportunities, while leveraging the work and expertise of the Chaffee County Economic Development Board.

-Smart, strategic planning. Salida needs to get refocused on planning. I'd like to jumpstart a collaborative effort to create a roadmap for the city’s future, based on the 2013 comprehensive plan. logo


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