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Syracuse Common Councilor - 3rd District

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    Susan C Boyle (Dem, Wor) Syracuse Common Council District 3 Representative

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The City of Syracuse continues to rank highest in the nation in its number of residents living in poverty. What needs to be done to reverse this trend? (1000 characters)

What will be your top 3 priorities if elected? (1000 character limit)

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Twitter handle @SusanCBoyle
Endorsement(s) Democratic Party Working Families Party CNYAFLCIO
Education Bishop Ludden HS, Syracuse, NY Onondaga Community College, Syracuse, NY Mount Ida College, Newton MA Buffalo State, Buffalo, NY Professional Career Center, Syracuse, NY (Real estate license)
The culture of concentrated and generational poverty in the City of Syracuse is something that we will need to take exacting and specific actions to break down. Syracuse has a long history of concentrating our poverty and creating a poverty vacuum for our people that is hard to break free of. One of the things that will help to aleviate this problem is a well thought out plan to focus our new public housing development post 81 reconstruction, on mixed income properties. breaking up the housing "complex" will allow people a vision for a future, better opportunities and the children will have exposure to possibilities beyond the housing development. I also believe that we need to take a close look at our civil service exam and possibly modeling after Rochester and Buffalo, break away from the current exam in favor of our own. The school district adding the Civil Service exam readiness as a part of the CTE programming would also be helpful. Finally, a lobby for more transportation funding
As a district Councilor, some of my priorities are focused on the area that I represent and in identifying and solving problems specific to District 3. 1.) Establish a partnership between the City and the County to work together to maintain and service the fresh water streams that run through the Valley neighborhood.These streams are environmentaly protected and provide a fresh clean water source into Onondaga Creek. While they are beautiful, they are difficult and expensive to maintain. Sediment buildup is causing flooding and property damage. 2.) To carefully review and approve a responsible budget. The City is in a difficult time financially and we need to make sure that we are looking at all possible funding sources, working with partners where possible and spending responsibly. 3.) To work with the school district and other representatives to lobby for increased transportation funding for our students who walk 1 mi or more to school. logo


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