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Onondaga County Legislator - 9th District

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    Peggy Chase (Dem, Wor) Registered Nurse

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The City of Syracuse continues to rank highest in the nation in its number of residents living in poverty. What needs to be done at the County level to reverse this trend? (1000 characters)

Campaign address 440 Ridgewood Dr
Campaign Phone (315) 437-2035
Facebook page PeggyChase
Endorsement(s) Veterans CNY Labor, SEIU, UAW
Education Doctorate in Education Administration
Economic Development is always the answer to getting out of poverty. But it is not a quick fix and involves so many other issues. My top priorities are related to making better quality of life for my constituents. To promote living in the city we need to make sure neighborhoods are good places to live., that we have safe, crime free streets and that housing stock is safe . Our children need to be our priority. Supporting the schools with resources to help education as well as social support services. Our schools have to provide realistic curricula that can lead to jobs and a career for our graduates. We have a major problem with lack of resources for, people with addiction and mental health problems. This contributes to many of our problems with people being on the streets and increase in crimes. We need to work together, the city, the county and the state to promote a safe, productive city,
Again, economic development is the obvious answer. But in the long run education is the answer to lifting people out of poverty, The county has contributed to financial support to make sure our kids are supported through their education. Hopefully increasing our graduation rates. We have also worked with the school district and higher ed organizations to provide training and support for those adults who are presently not job ready. Our refugee population contributes to a large percent of our poverty. We need to make sure that resources are appropriately distributed, with follow up, by organizations that are sponsoring. We encourage and support people to be self sufficient. The city needs more stable tax base to provide the services that are needed. The county should not interfer with taxation in the city. logo


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