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Boulder County 1B Ballot Question Sheriff Term Limit Extension to Five Terms

Shall the term limits imposed by state law and in Article XVIII, Section 11, of the Colorado Constitution on the office of Sheriff of Boulder County be modified so as to permit an elected officeholder in that office to seek and, if the voters of Boulder County choose to re-elect that person to a fifth term in office, to serve a fifth consecutive term? YES ____ NO ____Major Provisions:Question 1B would allow 5 consecutive four-year terms for the sheriff of Boulder County.Background:The Colorado Constitution provides that no elected county official shall serve more than two consecutive four-year terms in office. The Constitution also allows voters to change or eliminate such term limits. In 2005, Boulder County voters extended term limits to three terms for the sheriff and five other officials. In 2011 voters extended term limits to four terms for the sheriff.
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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Those IN FAVOR say:

1. Limiting terms for an elected position should be done by the voters at the ballot box, not by the Constitution.

2. If we force turnover in elected positions, we risk losing experienced people or getting inexperienced people holding those positions.
Those OPPOSED say:

1. Turnover in any position is good so that no person gets entrenched in any position.

2. With so much money in politics, we need to force turnover so that moneyed interests do not end up running our government. logo


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