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Charlottesville Commonweath's Attorney

The Commonwealth's Attorney, his deputy and assistants are responsible for prosecuting criminal cases (felonies and misdemeanors) for the Commonwealth of Virginia. The attorneys in this office are responsible for assisting victims of any crime which occurs in the City of Charlottesville. There is no charge for services provided by this office.
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    Joseph D. Platania (Dem) Attorney

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What do you think are the necessary qualifications to serve as a Commonwalth's Attorney, and why do you believe you are qualified?

What do you see as the most pressing issues in criminal justice facing the City of Charlottesville?

How does the Commonwealth's Attorney most effectively participate with sworn law enforcement officers as they conduct investigations especially in major cases? What hands-on experience do you have in conducting extended investigations in major cases?

A Commonwealth’s Attorney must have a wide range of experience, unquestioned integrity, and a commitment to innovation. I have spent my entire career trying serious criminal cases. I have worked tirelessly to develop a reputation for fairness and consistency. Finally, I am supportive of innovations and reforms such as establishing a Mental Health Treatment Court and reducing our local jail population through evidence based decision making.
I believe strongly that our local criminal justice system must always seek to balance community safety with fair treatment of those charged with a crime. Violent offenders who target and victimize the vulnerable have no place in a safe and stable community. At the same time, correcting behavior, as opposed to punishing conduct, is often more productive for both the offender and society at large.
Trust, built over time, through respectful working relationships with law enforcement allows the Commonwealth’s Attorney to efficiently and effectively participate in complex and oftentimes hi-profile criminal investigations and prosecutions. I have been fortunate to have worked with dedicated agents and detectives at both the federal and state levels. I have helped to investigate and prosecute cases involving murder, elder fraud and abuse, abduction, sexual assault, and armed robbery. logo


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