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Woodmere Mayor

Term: 4 yearsYolanda E. Broadie, Benjamin I. Holbart III (currently Council president), and Cynthia Samples are candidates for mayor of Woodmere.
  • Yolanda E. Broadie

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    Benjamin I. Holbert III Business Owner

  • Cynthia Samples

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Why are you running (or running again) for mayor or a seat on City Council?

What do you hope to accomplish while you're mayor or on City Council--for your ward or for your whole city?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing your community? And, if applicable, your ward?

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Age 58
Education Masters of Business Administration (MBA) University of Phoenix Bachelor of Arts - Communications - Kent State University Benedictine High School
Current occupation President of Holbert Enterprises LLC. My company specializes in marketing, communications, and public relations. We recently acquired SIDES to go! BBQ restaurant in Maple Heights.
Qualifications for office I'm a 22-year resident of Woodmere Village. It has always been my demeanor to seek solutions, be prepared for compromise, and look toward making what is good, better. I own a thriving business; I earned a master’s degree in business administration with honors in 2012; I have serve in numerous leadership roles with non-profit agencies, collegiate organizations, and I have been on the Woodmere Village Council for six years.
Campaign Phone (216) 282-6397
Email address
Twitter @Bnewsman
Since 2012, I have served Woodmere Village as councilman; five of these years, my peers elected me as the council president. In collaboration with the administration we worked together to make decisions to improve the quality of life and safety for village residents. Vigorous dialogue regularly ensues but civil discourse prevails to advance the greater good of the community. Moreover, this council, prides itself on being good stewards of tax dollars, finances, and future vision.

To qualify to run for mayor, I personally met with residents and heard directly from citizens. We asked what they enjoy about Woodmere; what they want to see improved in the Village, and where possible, what is needed to further enhance our community. I seek to make a difference with the input of neighbors, citizens, and government and business professionals.

The current mayor, Charles E. Smith Jr., is term-limited and he cannot run for another four-year term. I have been a member of the Woodmere Village Council since 2012. After my first year on council, my peers elected me as council president. This position also provides me with the responsibility of vice mayor. I made the decision to run for office to keep the continuity and cooperation that exist b
What's most important for me in my quest to be mayor of Woodmere village is to develop a legacy that will last for generations.

Our community is landlocked but that does not mean that our minds are locked into stagnant thinking. In collaboration with state and federal partners as well as members of the village council I would love to come up with concepts, programs, and opportunities that will make a difference in our community and our region.

Woodmere has a diverse population and a storied history. However, we believe that there are greater things on the horizon. The region is experiencing growth and Woodmere wants to take its rightful place in that equation as a destination location. Our community has much to be proud of and it's time that we (Woodmere Village) tell our story. The village has awesome amenities and a tremendous staff of dedicated workers who want the best for our residents and businesses.

My goal is to serve as visionary, quarterback, as well as coach and implement programs and policies that will take Woodmere Village to the next level. With the support of the community and registered voters on November 7, we plan to validate the fact that Woodmere Village is indeed the Gateway to the Chagrin Valley.
Like most municipalities, there are countless issues that challenge the administration and council; Woodmere village is no exception.

A primary concern is that our community is landlocked. Therefore, it's difficult to find additional space for much needed municipal offices for personnel and equipment. The village also has an issue with safety service personnel retention. Woodmere has a reputation for providing extraordinary training and experience to fire, police, and service center personnel. However, the village frequently loses talented workers to other municipalities that can pay higher ages and offer better fringe benefits.

As mayor my goal will be to convene the appropriate professionals to assess both situations and arrive at recommendations that are affordable and feasible. We believe Woodmere offers significant value to the Northeast Ohio region; we would like to collaborate with state and federal officials to determine where our interest converge - and –what resources are available for improvement.
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