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Nelson County Board of Supervisors Central District 25

It is the mission of the Board of Supervisors to maintain Nelson County as a beautiful, safe, healthy, and prosperous rural county; where public services are effective, efficient, adequate and responsive to the needs of its citizens; where education is a life-long process; where citizens are involved in all aspects of their governance; and where the community is well planned to assure respect for and dedication to its traditions and resources, while continuing to improve its economic viability.
  • Shelby Bruguiere (I)

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    Ernie Reed (Dem) Retired teacher and school administrator

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What, in particular, qualifies you for this job?

What do you think is the most important issue the board will have to deal with in this next term?

Do you have a predetermined policy on tax increases? For example would you consider a tax increase if it were required for public safety or school improvements?

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My proven leadership as President of Friends of Nelson and Wild Virginia; experiences as teacher and school administrator; my experience with administrative, regulatory and legal processes and environmental protection; founder and builder of successful businesses in both corporate and non-profit realms.
The impacts and hazards of the Atlantic Cost Pipeline to the residents, businesses, property values, infrastructure and water quality of Nelson County.
I am in favor of increasing tax revenues when necessary to maintain and improve the quality of schools, social services and emergency services. logo


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